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Topic: Why Don't you Answer the questions?

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Subject: Why Don't you Answer the questions?
Date Posted: 9/7/2008 8:08 PM ET
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I don't know if this topic will stay with the topic on 'do you answer all the questions", but some people said they did in the beginning but don't now, and I was wondering why they don't answer the questions anymore?  I presume the questions are for statistical purposes, to see whether the postage that PBS prints out on the wrapper is fairly accurate, how long it takes to get a book from Point A to Point B, etc.  Pat

Date Posted: 9/7/2008 8:34 PM ET
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Honestly, it's the time for me.  Unless there's something amiss I want to make sure there's a record of, I'm usually popping on quickly so that I can make sure that people get their credit.  Also, I often have unwrapped and inspected the books hours before (right after the mail came) and the wrappings are long gone.



Date Posted: 9/7/2008 8:39 PM ET
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Date Posted: 9/7/2008 8:42 PM ET
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I do answer all the questions.  I just hold onto the wrapper until I have time to get online and mark it rec'd. 

ETA: I answered at the same time as Marilyn.  I rarely receive more than one book at a time and don't have the (legitimate) distractions that others do, so it's really not a big deal for me.  I figure the info I provide balances out those who don't have the time to mess with it.

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Date Posted: 9/7/2008 9:18 PM ET
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Date Posted: 9/7/2008 11:03 PM ET
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Plus normally my 2yo Daughter is climing over me and grabbing my books.

Date Posted: 9/8/2008 2:24 AM ET
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Date Posted: 9/8/2008 4:23 AM ET
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I would actually like to know if the questions really are helpful and the statistics from them are used.

Date Posted: 9/8/2008 7:10 AM ET
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I have usually tossed the wrapper before I have had time to sit down to the computer and honestly, I never thought it was that important to the site. I may make an effort to fill it out in it's entirity in the future.

Date Posted: 9/8/2008 7:25 AM ET
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I answer most of the questions most of the time.  But my garbage can for the mail is right next to my computer chair, so I'm sitting here anyway.  When I don't answer all the questions there could be a couple things going on.  The most common is that there is no post mark.  Or I am REALLY crunched for time.  Or I received a huge pile of books.  Or I grabbed the mail, put it in my car on the way to somewhere and opened the book at the somewhere place and tossed the wrappings or just left them in the car and I'm too lazy to go get it.

Like I said, most of the time, I answer the questions because it's no skin off my back.


Date Posted: 9/8/2008 9:07 AM ET
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Date Posted: 9/8/2008 9:47 AM ET
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I always try to answer them all. There have been a couple of times that I didn't have time so I skipped them, but for the most part I do.

Date Posted: 9/8/2008 11:35 AM ET
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I used to answer them all, but I no longer see any reason to do so.  Just the basics so the sender can get their credit, that's all I'm concerned with.

Date Posted: 9/8/2008 12:00 PM ET
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When I get a book, I usually say Thanks to the member (I don't care if it offends some, it's second nature and I do not expect a response although it's nice when I do), I usually don't remember the postage because I don't usually open the book at the computer.  and unless it is an issue I almost never put in the date.  I comment when there is something to say, if the sender did an exceptionally good job wrapping, or something else that stands out, and once or twice if there was a problem but not worthy of marking it RWP, just something I want TPTB to be aware of.

then I submit.

on rare occasions I just say thanks and go on.

Date Posted: 9/8/2008 12:10 PM ET
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I typically complete the questions but sometimes forget or throw away the wrapper before getting online.  I would also like to see the statistics derived from the responses.

Date Posted: 9/8/2008 12:14 PM ET
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I used to be better at it.  Now I try very hard to open all my mail as soon as I walk in and deal with all the paper--so I rarely remember to take the wrapper with me.  If I only received one book I can usually remember how it was wrapped, but that's about it.  If I happen to have the envelope with me for some reason I'll answer all the questions.

I to would like some information about how the answers are used, and maybe some basic statistics (mainly, how long does it take books to arrive?) posted somewhere.  Even just statistics for my own account (how far?  how much postage used to ship books to me? How long? Etc)

Date Posted: 9/8/2008 4:17 PM ET
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Thanks for the input. I always answer the questions, even when I get several books.  I know it takes time, but I'm one to think that there's a reason (that's what comes from having grown up in a military family - LOL).  I always shred the address label and the shredder is next to my computer, so I do have the wrapper handy.  Again thanks.  Pat

Date Posted: 9/8/2008 7:06 PM ET
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I'm a "follow the directions" person, so yes, I do. If I am opening the book downstairs, I'll rip around the postage part (with the date stamp) and tuck it into the book so that when I take the book upstairs and log on, I have the info at hand.

I too wonder why there is the part about handwritten labels - I think it is to see how many people are not printing out the labels from the site, I guess.



Date Posted: 9/8/2008 7:40 PM ET
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I fill out the survey about 50% of the time. Lazy here too.

As for the question about the hand-written label, there is now an option to display the information for addressing the label. There is a link at the bottom of the wrapper page "If you need to hand write the address Click Here. This opens a new page, with the address information and some helpful tips for mailing books. This is probably in direct relation to the stats they have gathered from members filling out the survey. 

When I first joined there wasn't a choice of wrapper styles or Printable Postage or DC. Now there are lots of options. PBS is usually interested in what members think and want, the improvements on PBS are in direct relation to the feedback they get from members.

Subject: For a number of reasons.
Date Posted: 9/8/2008 8:35 PM ET
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My mailroom is in 1 room and my computer another. I take all of the books out of their wrappers and forget which wrapper they came in. I ususally get more than 1 book a day.

I do save my wrappers but that is to recyle them.

I offer a lot of free stuff for 1 book in the Bazaar. When the person orders the book, I put that ordered book and all the other free stuff I am mailing off in an envelope or box, weigh the whole thing, change the weight of the book (sometimes by pounds), print the label and send it off. So therefore, I know the data that PBS is collecting on the weight of the books has got to be way off. 

J always uncheck the Put This On My List of Books to be read box. It is nobody's business but mine what is on that list.

I used to always say Thank-you to the person who sent me the book. But then when I started getting a lot of Thank-yous back I found it just took up a lot of my time reading the same words.

So now, unless I am really impressed by the quality of the book or the packaging, I do not send a message. The only time I feel half way bad about the whole thing is when I get a book in really great shape or packaging and do not say thank-you. And that happens more than I would like due to the fact that I have messages to answer and books to mail.

This was a good question to ask. Thank-you for allowing me to vent.

Date Posted: 9/8/2008 11:27 PM ET
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I didn't used to simply because I'd forget. I unwrap the books in the kitchen, so I'd stuff the wrappers in the garbage and haul the books upstairs. I didn't want to dig through the garbage to recover the wrappers. Now, I still open them in the kitchen where the light is good and I can really check them out, but I keep the books with the wrappers now until I get everything marked.

Date Posted: 9/8/2008 11:35 PM ET
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I open my books in the kitchen and throw away the wrappers before I actually get a chance to come upstairs and get online so I don't answer the questions.

Date Posted: 9/9/2008 12:11 PM ET
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Basically why I don't is because I usually get multiple packages and I usually open them right then and there.  But I don't get to the computer until later.  So the packages usually end up in the trash or elsewhere by the time I make it to the computer.  I usually say something to the sender and that's about it.

Date Posted: 9/9/2008 12:39 PM ET
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I pretty much always fill out everything.


Date Posted: 9/9/2008 3:09 PM ET
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I seldom answer the question, I get anywhere from 5-15 packages a day....and with two young kids and everyone else that life tosses at me I just don't have the time.