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Topic: Wii Fit Plus

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Subject: Wii Fit Plus
Date Posted: 10/9/2009 4:23 PM ET
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I lost my Wii Fit disc months ago somewhere in this house. I think the house ATE IT.

Well, i was bummed out til i saw the Wii Fit Plus disc out in stores. I got it at Wal*Mart for 19.95 and i was hoping it was Wii Fit PLUS more activities and things.

I popped it in today, and it's really improved, i think.

It was 3 new Yoga poses, 3 new Strength Training activities, and it also has a whole new section of Training exercises, which i didn't even get into, after doing Yoga and some aerobics.

You can customize a workout for yourself, or based on your goals it can suggest workout combinations for you.


It has a calorie counter now! So now you can figure out if you're doing enough to meet your goals! In 50 minutes i burned off 172 calories and i did 24 minutes of Yoga, so it was mainly the step aerobics that shotputted me into good calorie burning.

I was also pleased that it integrated with all my former workout stats and achievements, so i wasn't starting over from scratch. Some of those Yoga poses took a while to unlock.

Has anyone else bought this yet? Did you enjoy it as much as i did?

I really have to get moving on getting back into shape, so i am glad i got a new disc. I had been so bummed out to lose my disc. Now if i can only motivate myself to get on the treadmill here in a while... lol.

Subject: wii fit plus
Date Posted: 10/13/2009 5:19 PM ET
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We have a Wii,but not Wii Fit. Can I use the Wii Fit plus disc in our Wii or do you need something else for it to work? I don't use the Wii,obviously, so I hope you don't think this is a stupid question-LOL   Mary

Date Posted: 10/14/2009 10:35 AM ET
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You'll also need the Wii Fit Board .... it looks like an aerobics step.


I just bought my Wii Fit + --- haven't opened it yet.... are there a LOT more games...or is it just a few moren, plus all the ones from the original game?  It sounded to me like you were saying there were a lot of repeated yoga/strength moves?

Date Posted: 10/15/2009 4:52 PM ET
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Doreen, there are about 4 new Yoga moves, 5 new strength training moves, and a whole new section of 'Training Plus'. Some of them are mental/physical games and then one i did was called Cycling, where you kind of run around on the screen you are on a bike) and have to hit certain points on the track to finish. There was one i didn't try called King Fu, and other things like that. So, about 9 moves altogether in Yoga and Strength Training, and a completely new section of new games that don't belong to the other categories. I think in the new Training Plus section there were about 12 games.

Also, there's a new multiplayer option, where you and someone else can take turns and challenge each other while you work out.

Mary, yea, you do need the Wii Fit for the game. There are a very few things that do not require the board to do, but most of them you have to maintain your balance, and the only way for it to measure that is to stand on the Wii Fit. It's definitely interesting. =D

Date Posted: 10/25/2009 11:02 PM ET
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 I still have my the wii fit disc and I got this one and I love it!!  So fun.  I love the new features!  Totally worth the money even if you have the original disc imho.

Date Posted: 11/2/2009 9:18 PM ET
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Ho!  I just found this topic right after posting the bit below over at the wii thread.  This is a direct cut and paste:

Hope some of you are still around.  I'd gotten pretty lax with my wii, and we recently moved so it was really ignored.  What got me started again was the email from Nintendo about wii fit plus.  I bought the disk yesterday, and can't keep the grandkids away from it, which is wonderful.  My husband was doing it with them again, and I started tonight.  Lots of new balance games, new yoga poses, calorie counting and more features I haven't looked into yet.

To the nay-sayers, no, it isn't something they'd use on America's Biggest Loser for working out, nor would Billy Blanks use it for one of his classes, but it keeps us moving, we are eager to get to it, and it is fun.  And that is what we need.  We laughed for hours tonight while we worked out.  Oh, no more logging all the way back out for someone else to take a turn at a specific exercise or game.  There is an icon for switching players, and as long as the player made a mii, it is there.  A great improvement. 

The upgrade is well worth the $20

Date Posted: 12/22/2009 4:12 AM ET
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we just bought the Wii Balance Board and Wii Fit Plus a couple of weeks ago, and i've been enjoying it.  i was a little skeptical, but DH had heard good things and i was amazed at how sore i was the day after i played around on it long enough to get up to 30 minutes of Fit Credits.  so far my favorite is Super Hula Hoop, where i just unlocked 6min last night - which i'm not sure i can make it all the way through but haven't tried yet.

we also bought EA Sports Active, which looks like it's more of a Personal Trainer type thing, and says it has a 30 day challenge.  i'm figuring on starting that after we get back from the various travelling we're doing in the next couple of weeks.

Date Posted: 12/29/2009 12:58 PM ET
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I got Wii Fit Plus for Christmas, and I REALLY love that you can combine number of preset routines together or customize your own routines.  I think what discouraged me in the original Wii Fit is that you had to reset after each activity, so basically you spent 1 hour doing 30 minutes of exercises and 30 minutes of picking the next task.  Or at least if felt that way to me.  I really like setting up a list of activities and just letting it roll.  I feel like I'm getting more out of it that way! :-)

Date Posted: 1/3/2010 3:29 PM ET
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I just got my Wii Fit Plus for Christmas, and love it, too.  :-)

Date Posted: 2/5/2010 10:47 AM ET
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I hope some of you using this are still watching this forum.  I've a question about one of the games.  I thought there was a help forum on the wii site but I must be missing it.

It is that stupid flying chicken, which I must say, since doing it, there is a definite improvement to the firmness of my arm flaps.  Anyway, in the advanced and expert levels there is that blimp...  Is there a certain way we are supposed to approach or land on it.  Good grief, my arms are going to fall off from fighting the wind vortex as I approach.  Or, is that the point of it?

Date Posted: 2/10/2010 11:31 AM ET
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It is that stupid flying chicken, which I must say, since doing it, there is a definite improvement to the firmness of my arm flaps. Anyway, in the advanced and expert levels there is that blimp...

LOL I haven't gotten that far, I'm still a chickadee ;)

Date Posted: 6/6/2010 9:44 PM ET
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I was disappointed with the Wii Fit Plus. I thought it would be great to combine activities(I already had regular Wii Fit), but from what I can see you can only combine the strength and Yoga activities. I prefer the balance and aerobics.