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William John Mitchell (December 15, 1944 – June 11, 2010) was an Australian-born architect and urban designer, who played a major role in planning a major expansion project at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Mitchell was born on December 15, 1944, in Horsham, Victoria, Australia. He earned an undergraduate degree in 1967 from the University of Melbourne with a major in architecture and was awarded master's degrees from both Yale University (a Master of Environmental Design in environmental design in 1969) and the University of Cambridge (in 1977 with a major in architecture).

Mitchell headed the architecture and urban design program at the Graduate School of Architecture and Urban Planning at the University of California, Los Angeles starting in 1970. He became a Professor of Architecture at the Harvard Graduate School of Design in 1986 and was named as Dean of the MIT School of Architecture and Planning in 1992. His 1977 book Computer-Aided Architectural Design and his 1990 work The Logic of Architecture: Design, Computation and Cognition were credited by The New York Times as having "profoundly changed the way architects approached building design".

Starting in 2003, he created the Smart Cities program within of the MIT Media Lab. At MIT, Mitchell served as an advisor to MIT President Charles Marstiller Vest in guiding a decade-long, five-building expansion project at the university that included designs by Charles Correa, Frank Gehry, Steven Holl, Fumihiko Maki and Kevin Roche, and added one million square feet of classroom, office and other spaces to the MIT campus. The building project became the subject of his 2007 book Imagining M.I.T., which was written in a single weekend while he was at a Dublin hotel. At the dedication ceremonies for the Frank Gehry-designed Stata Center in 2004, Mitchell said that schools like MIT "carry a particular responsibility to conceive of architectural projects not just as the rational allocation of resources to achieve quantifiable management goals, but also as inventive, critical contributions to our evolving culture" and that anything less would be "a betrayal of their advertised principles.

Projects that Mitchell developed as part of the Smart Cities program included GreenWheel, a device that would add electric power to a bicycle; RoboScooter, a foldable electric scooter; and the MIT Car (also called the "CityCar", which would be propelled by motors built in to its wheels. The car and scooter projects were envisioned as being made available for public use at locations in cities, with access and scheduling controlled by computer. The MIT Car was designed to fold up into a more compact shape while parked.

Mitchell was a Fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences and was awarded six honorary degrees.

A resident of Cambridge, Massachusetts, Mitchell died due to complications of cancer at age 65 on June 11, 2010. He was survived by his second wife, Jane Wolfson and their son, as well as by a daughter from his first marriage, to Elizabeth Asmis.


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    Total Books: 43
    Fine Structure and Iteration Trees
    2017 - Fine Structure and Iteration Trees [Lecture Notes in Logic] (Hardcover)Paperback
    ISBN-13: 9781107169098
    ISBN-10: 1107169097
    Genre: Science & Math

    Reinventing the Automobile Personal Urban Mobility for the 21st Century
    World's Greatest Architect Making Meaning and Network Culture
    Education and Creativity
    2008 - Education and Creativity [Edge Futures] (Paperback)
    ISBN-13: 9781906155100
    ISBN-10: 1906155100

    Imagining MIT Designing a Campus for the Twenty-First Century
    Disappearing Architecture From Real to Virtual to Quantum
    Placing Words Symbols Space and the City
    2005 - Placing Words Symbols Space and the City (Paperback)
    ISBN-13: 9780262633222
    ISBN-10: 0262633221
    Genres: Reference, Nonfiction, Engineering & Transportation

    Me  The Cyborg Self and the Networked City
    Hassle-Free Business Travel Strategies for Navigating the New World of Travel
    Frank Gehry - Architect
    2001 - Frank Gehry - Architect (Hardcover)
    ISBN-13: 9783775710480
    ISBN-10: 3775710485

    Frank Gehry Architect
    2001 - Frank Gehry Architect [Guggenheim Museum Publications] (Hardcover)Hardcover
    ISBN-13: 9780810969292
    ISBN-10: 0810969297
    Genres: Arts & Photography, Reference, Engineering & Transportation

    Louis I Kahn  Unbuilt Masterworks
    2000 - Louis I Kahn Unbuilt Masterworks (Hardcover)
    ISBN-13: 9781580930147
    ISBN-10: 158093014X
    Genre: Engineering & Transportation

    2000 - E-topia (Paperback)Hardcover
    ISBN-13: 9780262632058
    ISBN-10: 0262632055
    Genres: Computers & Technology, Nonfiction, Engineering & Transportation

    Internal Medicine
    1998 - Internal Medicine [Solving Patient Problems In] (Paperback)Paperback
    ISBN-13: 9781889325071
    ISBN-10: 1889325074
    Genres: Science & Math, Medicine, Medical Books

    Koning Eizenberg  Buildings and Projects
    1996 - Koning Eizenberg Buildings and Projects (Hardcover)Paperback
    ISBN-13: 9780847819430
    ISBN-10: 0847819434
    Genre: Engineering & Transportation

    City of Bits Space Place and the Infobahn
    Digital Design Media
    1994 - Digital Design Media [Architecture] (Paperback)Paperback
    ISBN-13: 9780471286660
    ISBN-10: 0471286664
    Genres: Computers & Technology, Engineering & Transportation

    The Poetics of Gardens
    1993 - The Poetics of Gardens (Paperback)Hardcover
    ISBN-13: 9780262631532
    ISBN-10: 0262631539
    Genres: Crafts, Hobbies & Home, Engineering & Transportation

    The reconfigured eye Visual truth in the post-photographic era
    1992 - The Reconfigured Eye VIsual Truth in the Post-photographic Era (Hardcover)
    ISBN-13: 9780262132862
    ISBN-10: 0262132869
    Genre: Arts & Photography

    The Logic of Architecture Design Computation and Cognition
    The Power of Positive Parenting
    1989 - The Power of Positive Parenting (Hardcover)
    ISBN-13: 9780800716318
    ISBN-10: 0800716310
    Genre: Parenting & Relationships

    Biology and Biochemistry for Chemists and Chemical Engineers [Ellis Horwood Series in Chemical Engineering] (Hardcover)