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"I think of doing a series as very hard work. But then I've talked to coal miners, and that's really hard work." -- William Shatner
William Alan Shatner (born March 22, 1931) is a Canadian actor, recording artist, and author. He gained worldwide fame and became a cultural icon for his portrayal of James T. Kirk, captain of the USS Enterprise, in the science fiction television series Star Trek from 1966 to 1969, The Animated Series from 1973 to 1974, and in seven of the subsequent Star Trek feature films from 1979 to 1994. He has written a series of books chronicling his experiences playing Captain Kirk and being a part of Star Trek as well as several co-written novels set in the Star Trek universe. He has also authored a series of science fiction novels called TekWar that were adapted for television.

Shatner also played the eponymous veteran police sergeant in T. J. Hooker from 1982 to 1986. He has since worked as a musician, author, producer, director, and celebrity pitchman. From 2004 to 2008, he starred as attorney Denny Crane in the television dramas The Practice and its spin-off Boston Legal, for which he won two Emmy Awards and a Golden Globe Award.

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Total Books: 164
Zero-G Green Space
2018 - Zero-g Green Space [The Samuel Lord Series] (Paperback)Hardcover
ISBN-13: 9781501111594
ISBN-10: 1501111590
Genres: Literature & Fiction, Romance, Science Fiction & Fantasy
  • Currently 3.5/5 Stars.

Live Long And    What I Might Have Learned Along the Way
Live Long And    What I Learned Along the Way
Zero-G Book 1 A Novel
2017 - Zero-g Book 1 a Novel [The Samuel Lord Series] (Paperback)Hardcover
ISBN-13: 9781501111563
ISBN-10: 1501111566
Genre: Science Fiction & Fantasy

Leonard My Fifty-Year Friendship with a Remarkable Man
Spirit of the Horse A Celebration in Fact and Fable
Star Trek Academy Collision Course
2013 - Star Trek Academy Collision Course (Paperback)Paperback, Hardcover
ISBN-13: 9781476731247
ISBN-10: 1476731241
Genres: Literature & Fiction, Science Fiction & Fantasy
  • Currently 5/5 Stars.

Shatner Rules Your Guide to Understanding the Shatnerverse and the World at Large
Shatner Rules Your Key to Understanding the Shatnerverse and the World At Large
Shatner Rules Your Key to Understanding the Shatnerverse and the World at Large
William Shatner Presents Tek War Volume 1
2010 - William Shatner Presents Tek War Volume 1 (Paperback)
ISBN-13: 9781427642295
ISBN-10: 142764229X
Genre: Comics & Graphic Novels

Star Trek Memories
Up Till Now The Autobiography
2009 - Up Till Now the Autobiography (Paperback)Hardcover, Audio CD
ISBN-13: 9780312561635
ISBN-10: 0312561636
Genres: Biographies & Memoirs, Humor & Entertainment
  • Currently 3.6/5 Stars.

Captain's Glory
2009 - Captain's Glory [Star Trek] (Paperback)Hardcover, Audio CD
ISBN-13: 9781439165256
ISBN-10: 1439165254
  • Currently 2.5/5 Stars.

Star Trek The Academy--Collision Course
2008 - Star Trek the Academy--collision Course [Star Trek] (Paperback)Paperback, Hardcover
ISBN-13: 9781416503972
ISBN-10: 1416503978
Genre: Science Fiction & Fantasy
  • Currently 4.2/5 Stars.

Collision Course
2008 - Collision Course [Star Trek] (Other)
ISBN-13: 9781435270060
ISBN-10: 1435270061

Up Till Now
2008 - Up Till Now (Hardcover)Paperback, Hardcover, Audio CD
ISBN-13: 9780312372651
ISBN-10: 0312372655
Genre: Biographies & Memoirs
  • Currently 3.7/5 Stars.

Star Trek Captain's Glory
2007 - Star Trek Captain's Glory [Star Trek] (Paperback)
ISBN-13: 9780743453769
ISBN-10: 074345376X
Genre: Science Fiction & Fantasy
  • Currently 4.3/5 Stars.

Sternenfluchten Star Trek
2007 - Sternenfluchten Star Trek (Paperback)
ISBN-13: 9783453521087
ISBN-10: 3453521080

Captain's Blood
2004 - Captain's Blood [Star Trek] (Paperback)Hardcover, Audio Cassette, Audio CD
ISBN-13: 9780671021306
ISBN-10: 0671021303
Genres: Literature & Fiction, Science Fiction & Fantasy
  • Currently 4/5 Stars.

I'm Working on That  A Trek From Science Fiction to Science Fact
2004 - I'm Working on That a Trek From Science Fiction to Science Fact (Paperback)Hardcover
ISBN-13: 9780671047382
ISBN-10: 0671047388
Genres: Religion & Spirituality, Science & Math
  • Currently 3.3/5 Stars.

2003 - Shadow Planet [Quest for Tomorrow] (Paperback)Hardcover
2001 - Beyond the Stars [Quest for Tomorrow, 4] (Paperback)Hardcover
2000 - Dark VIctory [Star Trek] (Paperback)Audio Cassette
2000 - Beyond the Stars Quest for Tomorrow [Shatner, William. Quest for Tomorrow.] (Hardcover)Paperback
1999 - Step Into Chaos [Quest for Tomorrow, Bk 3] (Paperback)Hardcover
1999 - Spectre [Star Trek] (Paperback)Paperback, Audio Cassette
1999 - Dark VIctory [Star Trek] (Hardcover)
1999 - Step Into Chaos Quest for Tomorrow [Quest for Tomorrow/William Shatner] (Hardcover)Paperback
1998 - Odyssey [Star Trek] (Paperback)
1998 - In Alien Hands [Quest for Tomorrow. Bk 2] (Paperback)Hardcover
1998 - Spectre [Star Trek] (Hardcover)
1998 - Delta Search Quest for Tommorrow [G K Hall Large Print Science Fiction] (Hardcover)
1997 - Delta Search [Quest for Tomorrow, Bk 1] (Paperback)Hardcover
1997 - Avenger [Star Trek] (Paperback)Paperback, Hardcover, Audio Cassette
1997 - Avenger [Star Trek: The Original Series] (Hardcover)Paperback, Hardcover, Audio Cassette
1997 - The Return [Star Trek] (Paperback)Hardcover, Audio Cassette
1996 - Tek Money [Tek, Bk 7] (Paperback)Paperback, Hardcover
1996 - Star Trek the Return the Return [Wheeler Large Print Book Series] (Hardcover)Paperback, Hardcover, Audio Cassette
1995 - Tek Money [Tek Series, No 7] (Hardcover)Paperback, Hardcover
1995 - Tek Power [Jack Cardigan, Bk 6] (Paperback)Paperback, Hardcover
1994 - Teklab [Jake Cardigan Series, No.3] (Paperback)Paperback, Hardcover
1993 - Tek Vengeance [Tek, Bk 4] (Paperback)Paperback, Hardcover
1992 - Believe (Paperback)
1992 - Teklords [Jake Cardigan Series, Bk 2] (Paperback)Paperback, Hardcover, Audio Cassette
1990 - Tekwar [Jake Cardigan, Bk 1] (Paperback)Paperback, Hardcover, Audio Cassette
Star Trek [The Ashes of Eden] (Audio Cassette)