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Topic: Wish List Books With No ISBN

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Subject: Wish List Books With No ISBN
Date Posted: 7/12/2014 10:32 PM ET
Member Since: 7/27/2008
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I have one Wish List book on my shelf with no ISBN.  It is from the Annie's Attic Mystery series, hardcover, excellent condition.

Road Trip - Jan Fields - 13 wishers

A Man of His Word  -  Karen Kelly  -  2 wishers

The Unfinished Sonata  -  K. D. McCrite  -  7 wishers


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Subject: Burroughs, Heyer, Farmer, Erle Gardner NO isbns
Date Posted: 7/13/2014 11:12 AM ET
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I haven't listed them on my shelf yet. Most have 1 wl. 


Date Posted: 7/17/2014 7:43 AM ET
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The Unfinished Sonata  -  K. D. McCrite  -  7 wishers

You could post as ISBN 410583 if PB so that one of those "Wisher's" can get a copy.

or as ISBN 405405 which has 3 "Wisher's", if PB 
or as ISBN  410824 which has 7 "Wisher's" if HC 
 - just a suggestion - 
Date Posted: 7/17/2014 11:52 PM ET
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Danny,  I posted it as a hc with no ISBN.  The site assigned it a 445182 ISBN.

How would I post it with an ISBN of 410824 ?


Date Posted: 7/19/2014 4:35 PM ET
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When I get a book w/o an ISBN I search by title and author. If it's in the system it'll be because someone else has done all the hard work to post a book w/o an ISBN. Sometimes there are multiple PBS assigned code numbers (4 digits, 5 digits, and now 6 digits) for these books - sometimes they have different publishing dates, sometimes different publishers, some are HC and some PB etc.

After you get a search listing just look to see if your book particulars match-up with anything listed. If you do find a match then select that title from the list and you'll be taken to the page that gives you the information for that particular book (by ISBN or by PBS Code number). Ensure all the particulars for your book are correct with what you see on the book data page (i.e. same publisher, same number of pages, same type of book (HC - PB) same publishing year if listed) if they all match up you just select "POST THIS BOOK" button and then follow the regular posting procedure.

Sometimes when I'm posting a book like this I go thru each of the listings for the ones that say "POST THIS BOOK" just to see if any of them are on someones WISH List. If there is one that's WISH(ed) for, and my copy matches up with that listing then I'll post it for that one. That way the WISH(ers) can eventually get the book they have been wishing for. Otherwise you would just have to post your copy the "Posting a PBS book w/o an ISBN" way. 

The way to look at this is: 

- if there was an ISBN you would just post using the ISBN.

- if there were no ISBN, but someone else had posted the same book, then PBS gives it an in-house ISBN, just post it using the PBS (in-house) ISBN. (Your example of (PBS ISBN) 410824 - just enter 410824 in the search window and hit enter. Your search result will be two entries - one of those results was "Blue Hawaii" which is obviously not the book we are looking to post - the other book listed is: "The Unfinished Sonata" which is (possible) the one we are looking to post. If the particulars match up then all you would have to do is to select the "Post this Book" button on the far right hand side and finish up on the POST Book page. 

Any of the PBS (ISBN) numbers can be called up by putting the PBS ISBN number (4 or 5 or 6 digits)  into the Search Box at the top of your page.   

I've also posted more books than I can count the hard way as well - sometimes you just gotta do, what you just gotta do. 



Hope this helps you later with books w/o an ISBN. 

Danny N (Alameda) - Havelock NC 


I've posted perhaps 3 of the Annie's Attic Mysterie's books this way - all of them were WISH(ed) for and they were all welcomed by the members who ordered them.

Date Posted: 7/19/2014 9:44 PM ET
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Thanks Danny.  Took your advice.  Worked very well.  The book has been requested.


Date Posted: 7/24/2014 2:31 PM ET
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Danny, your information is actually incorrect and these short-ISBN numbers are *not* to be reused, per the Help Center.  These numbers are given to books that have been manually entered and are only for THAT copy of the book.  To post a book based on someone else's short-ISBN is not following site rules.

About non-ISBN items at PaperBackSwap

About non-ISBN items at PaperBackSwap

Non-ISBN items are items Posted by a member onto his or her account Bookshelf using a customized (not pre-existing) listing.  This is necessary when:

  • The book being posted has no ISBN
  • The book does have an ISBN, but the PBS database is using that ISBN for another version (binding type or Large Print)  of the book
  • The book does have an ISBN, but the PBS database is using that ISBN for a completely different book (this is rare, but it does happen that publishers reuse ISBNs) 
  • The book does have an ISBN, but the PBS database does not include a listing for it.

A book that is posted using the Post Book Without an ISBN feature will be listed on PBS with a "short ISBN" (usually 5 or 6 digits).

The posting member created this listing using the Post Books Without an ISBN link on the Post Books page, entering the information manually that applies to his or her specific copy of the book (this information includes book dimensions and book description).  This means that:

  • Non-ISBN items (Items listed with "short" (5-digit) numbers in place of the ISBN) should not be edited using the Edit Book Data link.
    • This is because each "non-ISBN" item was posted into the system by the member who had that specific copy of the book, when his or her book did not match any pre-written listing in the system.
      • Thus, each "non-ISBN" item represents one copy of the book, and unless you have that exact copy that was posted using that listing by the original poster, the information (eg, book dimensions) about your copy of the book may not apply.
    • This also means that for a posting member who posts a book without an ISBN and makes  a typo/mistake in doing so, this cannot be edited after submitting the listing: the listing will need to be removed from the account Bookshelf and reposted correctly.

Because the listing was created manually, the listing represents only one specific copy of the book, and the book is not linked to any other item in the database, even if the titles are the same.  This means that:

  • non-ISBN books on a Wish List
    • will not trigger "Similar-to-wished-for-item" alerts
    • will not trigger a Wish List offer unless that particular copy is reposted into the system by someone who received it through PBS (using the Repost Books area or TBR Pile)
    •  will not be removed automatically when another version of that title is received through the Wish List.
  • "Short ISBNs"
    • should not be reused to post another copy of that book (the Post Books field will accept only 10 or 13 digit ISBNs)
      • this is because not all the information the first poster provided about the book may match another book of the same title that needs to be posted without an ISBN
    • cannot be added to a Book List (TBR Pile or Books I've Read) manually.
      • If that copy of the book is received through PBS, it can be added to TBR when it is received
      • If that copy of the book is received through PBS, it can be added to BIR when it is reposted from the TBR Pile or Books to Repost area
  • non-ISBN items on the Club Wish List if no ISBN version of the book is currently wished-for
    • Usually mean that the wishers already got an ISBN version and neglected to remove this non-ISBN version from their Wish Lists
      • this would not have been done automatically by the system when the ISBN version was received, since the items are not linked
    • If you see this, it is likely that no one is actually currently wishing for that title; these are "leftover" wishes

In other words, it is not very effective to put a non-ISBN item in the database onto a Wish List.

Date Posted: 7/26/2014 10:08 AM ET
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Thank you Amanda for the correction.