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Topic: Wish Lists and Matching ISBNs

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Subject: Wish Lists and Matching ISBNs
Date Posted: 1/23/2009 8:54 PM ET
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So, I'm going through my daunting bookshelf and trying to figure out what I actually can part with given that my own wish list is hitting absurd heights.  And then I decide what a better way to do this than to see if there are people out there actually requesting some of the titles.  I zip over to the Club Wish List and start sifting through the books.  Voila!  I get three hits in a row, however, the ISBNs don't match.  Same book, same title, same everything but they don't match and I can't do a power add right there Johnny on the spot. 

But, being the hopeful person I am, I go and add the book (seeing it's on a gazillion wish lists) I go post it anyway. 

And then I get to thinking ... what if these people wishing for the paperback I hold in my hot little hands are waiting for the exact same one, except just a different ISBN (I'm assuming a different publication date causes the difference).  Are they waiting endlessly for something they could be getting by actively searching?  I've search around PBS and can't seem to kick up enough dust to uncover the answer, so, given how friendly, kind and forthright everyone here has been, I decided to field the question to you. 

Look forward to some insight!  In the meantime, I'm going back out to hunt and see if I can turn up some ready copies of the books I have on my wish list, just with a different ISBN.  Wish me luck! :D

Date Posted: 1/23/2009 9:02 PM ET
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In general, no, not if the books have isbns.  The site sends you an email (which you can choose not to get) if someone posts a book that you have wishlisted under a different isbn (assuming that isbn isn't also wishlisted and it can correlate the title and authors of the two titles - small differences in spelling can throw off this feature).  If your edition isn't snapped up pretty quickly, you can usualy presume that people really do want the other edition.  If there are many people wishing for a title, you can be fairly sure that the title is being searched for fairly frequently, if not by the current wishers then by other people looking for the title for the first time.

Date Posted: 1/23/2009 9:05 PM ET
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If I'm not mistaken there is a thread in the book bazaar to post wishlisted books with different ISBN's. Most of the times that I've posted a book there it was snatched up fairly quickly.

Date Posted: 1/23/2009 9:30 PM ET
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Yep, definitely post in the Book Bazzar thread.  I've also seen people add a tag to the WL version "posted under ISBN XXXXX"

Date Posted: 1/23/2009 9:53 PM ET
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And you can add them to your signature line.  And you might be able to do something with them in the genre forums - I'm not clear on that.  Of suggestions given the  I like the tag idea and the signature idea.  Also my personal experience has been that you get an email if the book is in paper back and you want HC or if you want HC but paperback is available.  I've not gotten any other ISBN notification if you want it in paperback and there is one under another ISBN that is paperback.  I don't know what's going on with that.  Just my personal experience while I've been here.


Date Posted: 1/23/2009 11:39 PM ET
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I usually tag the WL version with the ISBN version that's posted.  Sometimes people really want the WL version.  So if the WL version is audio and there are many copies of the paperback version-then they just don't want that version.   So the first thing I do is see how many copies of my version are posted already.  YOu can do this by putting it on your reminder list.  If there's already several copies posted-then most likely they want that specific version.  Some people only want hardbacks, some people only want tradesize, some people need large print. Some people just like to collect a particular cover type for an author so all their books match. 

You can also post your books to the TBR list and it'll tell you if that version is WL or not.  Then you can just post the book if you want to mail it out.

You'll find your TBR will grow by leaps and bounds with PBS. When I joined I had maybe 5 unread books and maybe 20 or so finished books which were mostly WL.    I also had alot of audio books that were WL.  Now I have over 500 unread books.  It's a sickness. 

Date Posted: 1/23/2009 11:42 PM ET
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Oops. Double Post.

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Date Posted: 1/24/2009 2:24 AM ET
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I so love this site because of the membership.  You all rock! 

Great information and advice!  I'm starting to better understand how things work and am relieved to learn the things I'm asking aren't necessarily in the long list of instructions/information.  There is quite a bit to absorb! 

Another request was made from my bookshelf which made me feel better and I'll definitely look into Book Bazaar.  It's overwhelming, but I'm comforted to know all I have to do is *ask*!  :)

Happy swapping, fellow swappers!

Date Posted: 1/24/2009 6:52 AM ET
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Hi again, Kathie. I'm so glad you asked about this rather than just posting the books using the title/author. That happens ALL the time. People search for a book to post by title rather than ISBN and then they go ahead and post the book as the version that's wishlisted, even though the ISBN is totally different. I've had that happen a couple of times...most of the time I don't really care which version I get as long as I can read the book. I regularly do a search for my wishlisted books to see if there's other editions laying around in system. But there are a few that I only want the hardcover version for because I'm collecting them for my keeper shelf--and of course, those were the times the person sent me the mass mkt paperback version. Argh!

Just as an FYI--if that happens to you (you receive a different version of the book with a different ISBN) you should mark it as RWAP (Received, but With a Problem) --wrong book and explain in the details spot. Unless people get dinged for posting these 'wrong books' (even if you don't care which version you get) they will keep on doing it!