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Topic: Wished Books That Are Lonely

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Subject: Wished Books That Are Lonely
Date Posted: 4/12/2008 7:19 PM ET
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I've been a member here for a few months now, and i'm really enjoying it here, it's a wonderful concept!

My question is, i've posted a few books that are on Wish Lists, but i guess the exact version is not the one they are looking for. I have two books that look exactly like the ones on the club wish list, paperback and everything, but when i entered the ISBNs, they were not accepted as Wished books.

Is there any way of finding the person who wishes for a book? Or do i have to hope that one day they'll do a search, and run across mine?

I'm a newbie when it comes to details. This is my first question to the forums, in fact.

I feel sad that someone wants to read these books, and i have them and don't know if they'd like them or not.


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Date Posted: 4/12/2008 7:24 PM ET
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Hi Tracey--

From the Help Center:

"My book's on the Club Wish List, with a different/no ISBN


This means that no members are currently wishing for your version of the book.   You must not Post your version using the listing with the other ISBN.  Post your book properly, using the ISBN on your book, and checking to be sure that the book information (title, author, booktype) match your book.


When you post your book properly using its ISBN:

  • All members who are Wishing for other ISBN versions of the book will be sent an alert email by PBS.
    • The email will be titled "An item similar to your Wished-for book has been Posted.."
    • This email will contain a link that the Wishers can click to request your book.
    • If no one requests your alternate ISBN, that means that no one currently wishes for this version of the book."

So, other members will be notified that your version is available.

<<Can you Post A Book to a wish list, if it's not the exact one that matches the ISBN?>>

No, you can only post to a specific ISBN if the ISBN on your book matches exactly.

You might try putting a note about your WL book in your signature, or your profile or both, to give it some "visibility".



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Date Posted: 4/12/2008 7:26 PM ET
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Thank you so much, that is incredibly helpful! I appreciate it very much!

Date Posted: 4/12/2008 8:48 PM ET
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I would put the books you think are WL on your reminder list and see how many copies of your version are in the system. If there's a bunch already, then there's a specific reason those people are WL the other one and not ordering the one that's available-either they want that exact cover picture or it's large print or something. 

If yours in the only copy heres what I'd do: I'd tag the WL books w/my posted books ISBN.  Something like "in PBS w/ISBN#"-just delete the tag when the book is ordered. I'd also post it my signature and in the book bazaar.  A lot of people turn off the emails.  I have a bunch of audio books on WL that are available in pb/hb.  It was sending me 10-15 emails a day and so I turned them off. 

Subject: if you are aware of a specific person looking for that book
Date Posted: 4/12/2008 9:01 PM ET
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under another ISBN, I'd write directly asking if they'd be interested in your ISBN's copy. Worst they'll do is either not respond or say "Thanks, but I really want the one on my list."

Date Posted: 4/12/2008 9:37 PM ET
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Yep, as Mary suggested, I'd head on over to the book bazaar.  There's a thread going to specifically let others know that you have WL books with different ISBNS, or you could start your own new post about your books.

Good luck!

Date Posted: 4/12/2008 10:17 PM ET
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There's no way to directly ask someone if they want your version instead unless you happen to find it on someone's WL or you post the book and then ask them. Which is not allowed.  Don't post it to someone's WL knowing you don't have the same ISBN.  It states clearly that the Title, Author, Binding and ISBN have to match when posting a book. 

Date Posted: 4/12/2008 10:38 PM ET
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Thanks so much for all of your help. I hope these books find good homes, so i will take some of these suggestions!

And i thank you all for being such nice people, considering if i'd looked deep enough in the Help Center i probably could have answered some of my own question! I guess i haven't taken the time to really search the site, i have an infant who doesn't let me spend much time online, so i was cutting a corner on research by simply asking and putting out the feelers for help!


Date Posted: 4/12/2008 11:00 PM ET
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Hi Tracey,

And welome to PBS. On the other side of this coin, about once a month or so I go through my own Wish List and click on the each Author's name, one by one. That will bring up a list of all the books that are in the data-base for that author. The ones in red are not posted, the ones in green are. I have found a lot of the books that I am wishing for are posted with different ISBNs and since I am not too fussy about binding types, I can order the ones that are posted instead of waiting for the ISBN I have wished for to be offered to me. Just this week I found 3 books like that, and one had been on my wish list for months.


Date Posted: 4/13/2008 3:19 AM ET
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I'm amazed you have time for anything, Tracey!  I remember those infant days!!

Date Posted: 4/13/2008 12:11 PM ET
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You got that right Patty! I had to wrap books last night when she finally fell asleep! It's pretty bad when you have to wait til after midnight to get packages for the post office ready! =)

Date Posted: 4/13/2008 10:57 PM ET
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There is also a thread... ****April Wishlisted Books with Different ISBNs**** .  You can list them on there.  It's usually a monthly thread.

Date Posted: 4/14/2008 7:35 AM ET
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I don't know if this helps, but I had a book on my wish list, and when it became available I didn't have a credit :(  So I let it pass my by. 

Date Posted: 4/14/2008 9:22 PM ET
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Book Bazaar****Book Bazaar**** Book Bazaar!!!!!!

Honestly...until a *regular* alerts a newbie that the Book Bazaar means deals/different WL ISBN's/I'm Looking For..., they don't know it's there.  I really think the name of that forum needs to be more specific.

Date Posted: 4/15/2008 2:25 AM ET
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I posted the books on the April WL Books thread in the Book Bazaar, and i won't stress about it any longer, haha. They'll either get picked up by the person wishing, or someone else will look them up and they'll get picked up, either way, it'll happen, i am sure.

I do appreciate all the help and good tips! I had not done a lot of reading of the forums til the last few days, and now i pop on when i get the chance (like 30 seconds a day hehe). I didn't realize a few things about the site/people here/the size of a 'stain' and so forth, and now i am glad i have been reading up! The forum has a lot more going on than i would have imagined!