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Topic: Wrong books sent... advice

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Subject: Wrong books sent... advice
Date Posted: 6/17/2008 8:16 AM ET
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HI! I've been a member for a while but have recently just started to trade. I ordered 3 books on the same day from 3 different people and had them mailed to my friend.


Book 1 was sent to wrong person and my friend got the other person's book.  The sender was really sorry, gave me my credit back and contacted the other person who said she'd sent the book on to my friend.  She used DC so I keep getting messages asking if the book has been received (it hasn't as of yet) because it shows as delivered to the other person.  Should I mark it received?  She did give me the credit back and another for my trouble, but she is now out 2 credits and a book.

Book 2 wrong book was sent by sender.  I checked her list, she still has the wrong book on her list.  I know it was sent in error, but she is not responding to my PM's. Again, getting messages to see if book was received. 

Book 3 was sent and received. (Yeah!) :)

Any advice would be helpful.  I don't want these people to be out credits, but technically, the correct books still have not been received.



Date Posted: 6/17/2008 9:50 AM ET
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OK, book 2 is easy. Wait 7 days for a response to the PM. If no response, send a message to the powers that be using the "Contact Us" at the bottom of the screen. Send in feedback, classifying your message as a "problem".

The first one is trickier. She used PBS DC, but put the wrong book in the package. She'll get her credit regardless once the package goes lost. But if it's been delivered to your friend, it should be marked RWAP, Wrong Book. If you cannot mark RWAP (I'm not sure if you can when you send the book to a 3rd party), you might mark it received, but in the PM box make note of what happened (that the package had the wrong book) and that you appreciate her working with you to fix everything. You can put in the message box below (to the site admins) that she returned the credit for her mistake.

I hope this makes sense. It's really up to you how to handle the situation, but I think this is what I'd do.

Date Posted: 6/17/2008 10:00 AM ET
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I disagree...Book 1 should not be marked received as you have not received it..."Wrong Book" to my understanding means wrong ISBN, wrong binding....but, I would not mark it received...the correct book is enroute and should only be marked received when it gets there.

If you mark it received then there is something wrong with it what are you going to do....

Date Posted: 6/17/2008 11:45 AM ET
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With regard to the wrong book issue, per the Help Center:

"If you received a title you did not request, you can PM the sender as described in I received a book I didn't request!

  • this may have been a mixed-up request and can be easily rectified.
  • You don't have to mark the book received with a problem before sending a PM in this situation."

Christy is correct about the wrong book issue:

"Wrong Book

  • This includes inappropriate items such as ARCs or leaflets/pamphlets/booklets without ISBNs
  • This includes the wrong versions of books (ie, the ISBN, title, author or booktype of the book you received doesn't match the PBS listing of the book you requested)
  • This includes regular-font books when you requested a Large Print book"

More details are available in the Help Center on "book I didn't request".




Date Posted: 6/17/2008 12:05 PM ET
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Jane is correct about the 2nd situation - let PBS know that you did not receive the book you requested and the sender is not responding to your pm's.

And Christy and Elizabeth are correct on the first situation.  The book that was sent to your friend was sent in error, and should not be marked received until the correct book is in hand.  My concern though is that your friend has someone else's book - is she willing to mail it to the correct person?  I'm guessing that was what the 2nd credit you received was for - to cover that postage.  The sender didn't need to send you 2 credits - just the one for the postage, because you/your friend will still (hopefully) be getting the correct book and marking it received.

Date Posted: 6/17/2008 3:18 PM ET
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My friend immediately mailed out the book to the rightful requestor but has not received her book as of yet.  Thanks for the advice.  I'll wait another day or 2 and contact PBS on the second book.


Date Posted: 6/17/2008 5:09 PM ET
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And Christy and Elizabeth are correct on the first situation.  The book that was sent to your friend was sent in error, and should not be marked received until the correct book is in hand.

Yes, Christy and Elizabeth are correct. But I personally think that putting the sender's fate in a 3rd party's hands is not right. Party #3 (the one who received the wrong book) may or may not send the book to the rightful recipient. At this point, the sender has done all that can be done from her end.

With the new ability to mark a problem transaction "resolved", I think the correct way to do this should be (and I'll suggest this to TPTB) to mark RWAP Wrong Book, and then later mark the problem "resolved" once the correct book is received.

But the way it is now, the sender has given a credit and a book, and will not receive the credit unless Party #3 mails the book. Since the sender cannot control what Party #3 does, the sender is now out two credits and the book and can do nothing more to rectify the problem.

I never really understood why RWAP Wrong Book should not be used when the sender mails the wrong book. Whether its wrong format, wrong ISBN, or completely different book, it's still a wrong book! ;-)