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Date Posted: 7/10/2009 1:02 AM ET
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You tell me the deal you want.  Pick and choose.   Some of these MAY BE postable.  They are all readable books.  They probably smell like smoke, but I am insensitive to the smell. 


                                                                          UNPOSTABLES-ALL PAPERBACK


TENDER PREY- PATRICIA ROBERTS                                                             (YELLOWING PAGES-TAPE ON SPINE)

A most extraordinary first novel, TENDER PREY is the spellbinding story of a psychopath who preys only on widows - especially widows with little girls...

THE BAD PLACE- DEAN KOONTZ                                                                  (YELLOWING PAGES-SCUFFED COVER)

THE GUARDIAN-NICHOLAS SPARKS                                                           (TAPE ON FRONT COVER-WRITING ON FRONT COVER)

THE RUNAWAY JURY- JOHN GRISHAM                                                       (YELLOWING PAGES)

THE SUMMONS- JOHN GRISHAM                                                                (YELLOWING-SOME STAINING)

GUILTY AS SIN-TAMI HOAG                                                                            ( YELLOWING-SOME STAINING-BACK COVER TEAR)

ANTARCTICA- KIM STANLEY ROBINSON                                                      (1ST PAGE TORE- ON  PICTURE PAGE-NO TEXT)

From the award-winning author of the Mars Trilogy comes a thrilling new novel....

Kim Stanley Robinson, author of the Hugo and Nebula award-winning Mars trilogy, is one of the most original and visionary writers of fiction today. Now, in his latest novel, he takes us to a harsh, alien landscape covered by a sheet of ice two miles deep. This is no distant planet--it is the last pure wilderness on earth.

A stark and inhospitable place, its landscape poses a challenge to survival; yet its strange, silent beauty has long fascinated scientists and adventurers. Now Antarctica faces an uncertain future. The international treaty that protects the continent is about to dissolve, clearing the way for Antarctica's resources and eerie beauty to be plundered. As politicians and corporations move to determine its fate from half a world away, radical environmentalists carry out a covert campaign of sabotage to reclaim the land. The winner of this critical battle will determine the future for this last great wilderness.

THE LAKE HOUSE- JAMES PATTERSON                                                       (BACK COVER SMALL TEAR)

THE JOB- DOUGLAS KENNEDY                                                                   (YELLOWING-STAINING)
Ned Allen is a young, upwardly mobile ad salesman for a successful computer magazine. Several years into his career, he's confident that he's finally left his small-town roots behind, and that the sophisticated Manhattan world he covets is his forever. His wife, Lizzie, is also flourishing at a prestigious public relations firm. Life, it seems, is just where they want it -- until Ned is faced with a seemingly clearcut moral choice that pulls the bottom out from under his feet.

Ned's company is sold and his world is suddenly turned upside down. Salvation appears in the unlikely form of an old high school friend who is working for Jack Ballantine, a former real estate tycoon with a shady past who has recently made a much-heralded comeback. When, against his better judgment, Ned accepts a job working for Ballantine's latest venture, an offshore private equity fund, he tells himself it's just another job. But it turns out that Ballantine has other uses for Ned....

An adrenaline-pumping thriller, The Job is destined to catapult Kennedy into the ranks of bestsellers like Grisham and Turow.

THE HUNTING OF CAIN- DAN E. MOLDEA                                                 (SMALL DAMAGE FRONT COVER)

From the rear cover: "When the Akron, Ohio, police walked into the brick mansion in a fashionable suburb, they found a nearly nude man's body lying facedown in a pool of blood. His mouth was stuffed with cotton and a sofa cushion with a single bullet hole in it covered his head and shoulders.
In this chilling account, crime reporter Dan E. Moldea creates a portrait of Dean Milo, a ruthless businessman-a real-life J.R. Ewing-who had given dozens of people reasons to want him dead. With cold precision and hard facts, Moldea follows a tough private detective and a team of smart homicide cops down a bloody trail from a voluptuous go-go dancer and a hitman called 'the Kid,' right to the doorstep of Milo's own family...in an edge-of-the-seat portrayal of one of the most gripping murders of our time."

DAY OF CONFESSION- ALLAN FOLSOM                                                     (1ST PAGES WAVY-WATER DAMAGE??)


Horrified by the misuse of magic they had witnessed during the First War of the Races, the Druids at Paranor devoted themselves to the study of the old sciences, from the period before the collapse of civilization a thousand years before. Only the Bremen and a few trusted associates still studied the arcane arts. And for his persistence, Bremen found himself outcast, avoided by all but the few free-thinkers among the Druids.

But his removal from Paranor was not altogether a terrible thing, for Bremen learned that dark forces were on the move from the Northlands. That seemingly invincible armies of trolls were fast conquering all that lay to their south. That the scouts for the army--and its principal assassins--were Skull Bearers, disfigured and transformed Druids who had fallen prey to the seductions of the magic arts. And that at the heart of the evil tide was an archmage and former Druid named Brona!

Using the special skills he had acquired through his own study of Magic, Bremen was able to penetrate the huge camp of the Troll army and learn many of its secrets. And he immediately understood that if the peoples of the Four Lands were to escape eternal subjugation they would need to unite. But, even united, they would need a weapon, something so powerful that the evil magic of Brona, the Warlock Lord, would fail before its might...

J IS FOR JUDGEMENT- SUE GRAFTON                                                   (YELLOWING -SOME STAINING)


GREEN CITY IN THE SUN- BARBARA WOOD                                        (YELLOWING-TAPE ON SPINE)

Green City in the Sun is a magnificent saga, the story of two proud and powerful families - one British, one African - and their battle over Kenya's destiny in the twentieth century. It is a story with all the drama, violence, and fierce beauty of the Kenyan landscape, and it marks a bold and brilliant departure for the novelist, Barbara Atwood.

It is 1917 when pioneer, Dr. Grace Treverton, arrives in Kenya, determined to bring modern medicine to the natives. Her brother, Sir Valentine Treverton, has his own dream for the British protectorate: to establish an agricultural empire there to rival any in England. But the dreams of the wealthy Trevertons collide with those of an African family that has lived on the land for generations. Grace finds a deadly rival in Wachera, an African medicine woman, who fights to maintain native traditions against the encroaching whites. Wachera curses the Trevertons, after which a series of tragedies threatens to destroy what the once great family has fought to create. And the fates of future generations of these two remarkable families seem inextricably bound.

THE SHIPKILLER- JUSTIN SCOTT                                                          (YELLOWING-FRONT COVER TEAR)

It is about the vengeance of Peter Hardin, whose wife is lost at sea when their yacht is crushed by a gigantic oil-tanker. The pursuit and destruction of Leviathan becomes a vendetta, and the reader very quickly comes to share Hardin's obsession. The premise may be far-fetched, but the story is so vividly written it becomes real. The passages on sailing are especially riveting, as are the descriptions of the blighted locales wherein Hardin stalks his prey. Every force of man and nature seems determined to destroy our hero; but the reader will cheer him along every tormented step of his voyage.


CLOSE TO THE BONE- DAVID WILTSE                                                   (SMALL TEAR ON SPINE-YELLOWING)

MIRAGE- F. PAUL WILSON                                                                        (YELLOWING-STAINING)

Julie Gordon is a comer, a leading research scientist who has helped create the most exciting virtual reality program ever. Its a computer-enhanced 3-D voyage into a subjects mind that turns memories into a landscape of people, places and events from the past. When Julie suddenly learns that her twin sister is in a coma of unknown origin, Julie rushes to her. Little by little, Samantha is losing brain function, and Julie is determined to help. Shell attempt to penetrate the fractured maze of Samanthas mind with her program. What she learns from her voyage into her twins memories is that someone tried to murder her and Julie could be next . . .

SUMMER OF 49- DAVID HALBERSTAM                                                  (YELLOWING-SMALL TEAR BACK COVER)


THE PRINCESS- JUDE DEVERAUX                                                        (YELLOWING)



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Date Posted: 7/11/2009 6:34 AM ET
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Lisa, according to PBS guidelines some yellowing of pages is allowed, as long as there isn't any staining from a liquid source. So, it sounds like you have some postable books on your list. Also, if the tears on the cover are less than an inch, they are postable.

You should really check out the PBS guidelines page for swapping. This may make your list considerably shorter.

Date Posted: 7/11/2009 7:38 AM ET
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 I feel safer listing them as unpostables.  If I sent them out as postables, I felt that some people would complain. 

Date Posted: 7/11/2009 10:47 AM ET
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Date Posted: 7/11/2009 10:48 AM ET
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So sorry, hit submit reply by mistake

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