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Topic: Do ya'll list your textbooks here or try and sell them?

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Subject: Do ya'll list your textbooks here or try and sell them?
Date Posted: 1/29/2008 11:50 AM ET
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I have a box of hs books I'd like to get rid of. Swapping them seems like giving them away. What do ya'll do?




Date Posted: 1/29/2008 11:54 AM ET
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I try and sell them locally, either on our local Yahoo Group for HS'ing materials.  I also list them on my curriculum's Yahoo Group for used materials.

If I get them from PBS, I generally re-list them because credits are what I "paid" for them, not cash like the above.  Typically they are books on other members wish lists, and on auto-order, so it's a "sure thing".

I don't use a lot of textbooks, though.  My curriculum is online-based.  I usually have workbooks, or some "curriculum junkie" purchase that I post :-).

Date Posted: 1/29/2008 12:26 PM ET
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I don't use textbooks, but I do own a few. I've posted them here (have a few more to post, too). You're not giving anything away. You can turn right around and request another book, even a textbook. If you have a book that is of no value to you, and you give it to someone, and in return, you get a book that is of great value to you, that looks like an even swap.

Date Posted: 1/29/2008 1:14 PM ET
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Thanks for replying. I have sold my books in the past to make $$ to buy more curriculum. Some TM's are expensive. I think I will list some of them.

Date Posted: 1/30/2008 12:49 AM ET
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It depends...if it's a highly sought-after text that I know will sell for over $15-$20, I'll often auction it.  I usually only sell things if I KNOW they are high ticket items.  On the other hand, I have posted very desirable texts here, too.  It depends if I want to hassle with an auction and need the $$ or just want to clean off my shelves and bless someone here.

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Date Posted: 1/30/2008 2:53 AM ET
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Like Tonja, if it is worth $15-$20, I will try to sell it. The best place that I've found to sell used curriculum is on this site:


I use SunnyOK as my user name there too, if anyone wants to visit my page, or if they ask who referred you when you join.

Registration is free, and they give you 10 free credits to start with. A simple listing will "cost" you one credit, but then if that item sells, you can re-use the credit. For a detailed listing you would be using 2 credits. You can post WTB items for free. I recently got 30 of the 33-book  "Happy Hollister" series as a result of a want ad there.

I earned a lot of extra credits by listing HS'ing activities and field trip destinations for our area.

Usually if an item would sell for less than $8ppd, it gets posted here. We use a lot of real books in our studies, rather than textbooks, so I should be posting a bunch here soon.

Date Posted: 1/30/2008 7:06 AM ET
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good place to sell homeschool books is,

I use it all the time. And have good results there.   www.vegsource.com/homeschool/

Date Posted: 1/30/2008 1:37 PM ET
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I post them if I can't use them for someone else in the family.  I have sold some on vegsource, but it is just one more thing to do so I don't usually.

I have lots of books my aunt who was a teacher gave me, so I like to do deals so they can be put to use.  My boys have passed the age where they can use some and will never get around to reading all of them.

If anyone sees something I have they want PM me and I will do a deal on most of my bookshelf.



patticom - ,
Date Posted: 1/31/2008 11:02 AM ET
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I try to sell locally first, especially the larger ones because the postage is killer.  I posted Well Trained Mind on here, and it was nearly $5 for media mail it's such a large heavy book!!  I'm fairly new to PBS but will probably try to sell things on Vegsource or Teaching Mom before just listing here, especially since I can list mixed media things and sets there more easily than here.... but if it doesn't go there fast enough to suit me (or never) I have no issues posting here.  :)

Speaking of which, I have SOS history 8th grade that I'll give free to anyone who orders a book from my shelf (and PMs me about it!).  It was purchased new by me so is the one-time legal transfer that they permit, but it got lost in a pile so is an older version (2004 I think--??)... no tech support.  Even with the one-time legal transfer they now allow, I don't feel right about asking $$ for SOS that is more than one year old though.  Just me.  :)


Dawn H. (DABACF) - ,
Date Posted: 1/31/2008 7:53 PM ET
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Some of both I guess. I just posted quite a few here. Now I am realizing I need to get some $ so I will be cleaning out the closets and trying to post a bunch of stuff for sale. I do like to post items here, especially if they are not heavy books. I know how pleased I am when some of our wishlist books come in, so I imagine that others are as pleased when their wishlisted books come in. Some of our books we have waited for almost 2 years now though, so I am needing to purchase them because we need them and can not wait any longer. Most of them I am #1 on, so I keep hoping someone posts it before I get my ordering done, but after 2 years...I guess it is unlikely.

Date Posted: 2/1/2008 4:58 PM ET
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I do try to post some and save some of the heavier, more expensive books to sell locally.  We don't use a lot of textbooks, but some of the TM I will try to list.  I've been blessed to receive some great finds here on homeschool TM, so I try to repay the favor.

patticom - ,
Date Posted: 2/5/2008 8:56 AM ET
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Someone claimed the SOS already, btw.  :)