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Hatch Elementary School - CA

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Hatch Elementary School is located in Half Moon Bay, California, just south of San Francisco on the beautiful Pacific Coast. Hatch serves approximately 680 students in K-5th grades. It has a student population of apx 59% Hispanic / Latino, 63% socioeconomically disadvantaged and 51% English learners. The school is unique because two pathways are provided for students: a traditional English program AND a two-way English- Spanish immersion program. Parents are active members of the Hatch community and support the school in many wonderful ways.
This year parents are focusing their efforts on literacy. Parents are working with school administration and teachers to develop and support an after school reading group for struggling readers, as well as provide parent education to strengthen reading habits at home. Hatch welcomes opportunities to provide more reading support and opportunities for our students.

Hatch school is a beautiful school. I go each year to read some of my favorite books to some of the classrooms and they are always so eager to hear new ones. I think learning the joy of reading is so important. Most schools teach reading but Hatch goes beyond that with a literacy week that helps kids understand how a book is made and what is an author.

Thank you for helping to put books in the hands of our students,

Cindi W. (bookladyofhmb)
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