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Ridgecrest Elementary - TX

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Just to give you a little background of our school, we are considered a Title I school, which means that over 90% of our students are on a free or reduced lunch due to low income. Many of them are considered at risk for various factors. Despite these challenges they face, if you were to walk into a classroom at Ridgecrest, you would see how motivated and eager they are every day. Receiving a book is one of the things we can do as a community to put a smile on their faces and motivate them to keep reading.

In order to promote literacy at Ridgecrest, this year we have started a Literacy challenge where each student made a commitment to read at their independent level for a minimum of 30 minutes a day at school. The research shows that the amount of time students spend in independent reading was the best predictor of reading achievement (Allington 2012). This includes improvement in reading level, vocabulary development, fluency, and comprehension. Increased reading achievement will help our students improve across all content areas.

To keep the energy and momentum throughout the year, we are offering incentives and prizes each month to the class that reads the most number of minutes from each grade level. Also, the literacy campaign committee (formed by a group of teachers) met and came up with a list of reading activities to keep the children focused on reading all year long.

We are extremely thankful for this opportunity.

Ana Avendano
Intervention Specialist
Ridgecrest Elementary