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Edward Gideon Elementary - PA

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I am a third grade teacher at Gideon. Gideon students live in deep poverty in the Strawberry Mansion section of Philadelphia. Sadly, budget cuts mean that our school can no longer supply much needed materials. That is why I am reaching out to you to ask for help in getting books for our students.

Despite the challenges that many of our students face at home, they arrive every day at school ready and eager to learn and play. They are funny, curious, kind, and full of personality. Each of them is unique and unafraid to speak his or her mind or stray from the norm; this makes for interesting and lengthy whole class conversations!

I have high hopes for the futures of these bright, hardworking children and I work passionately to serve the needs of each and every one of them. Unfortunately, our classroom is not equipped with the resources necessary to ensure my students receive the quality education they so deserve.

Eileen Lippman
Edward Gideon Elementary School

“I dwell in possibility.”

― Emily Dickinson

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Thank you so much for donating to our school. We are very grateful for your generosity. Some of our students do not own a single book - thanks to you, this is going to change! I know they will be very excited to receive their books. We appreciate it!
Eileen C.
12/15/2014 05:24 PM