Details on Donating Books/PBS Money to Indian Village Elementary - IN

Indian Village Elementary - IN

We hit our Book Credits goal!

We've raised 1250 of 1250 credits needed. (153 members have donated)1250 Credits ↓
We've raised $188.00 of $188.00 needed. (28 members have donated)$188.00 in PBS Money ↓

Our school is Title I, about 80% of the students here are low income. We have roughly 525 students in the building. This year, we were given an "A" rating on the FWCS grading scale! That rating is due to ISTEP scores school-wide. We are very proud of the hard work we have put in!

We truly believe that we have an "A" staff and "A" students and we are always trying our best to put books in their hands! With nearly 80% of the school being low-income, they can't always get books, and I want to help change that!

It would be wonderful if the students could have access to more books. Please consider adding Indian Village to your list of schools you donate to!

Veronica Jarvis
Media Center Clerk
Indian Village Elementary