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Rainier View Elementary School - WA

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Rainier View is an elementary school in South Seattle, with a high number of children in poverty and immigrant children who don't have much access to books at home because their families are not native English speakers. They are eager readers and learners, however, and the more resources they have, the more opportunity for success.

Our school is a small but growing high-powered public elementary school in South Seattle.  It includes a rainbow of approximately 200 children in grades K-5.  Our families hail from all around the world:  US, Mexico, Philippines, Vietnam, Somalia, China, Ethiopia, Laos, Samoa, and Native America.  Many of these students are English language learners.  Also, as a Title 1 school, about 76% of students qualify for free and reduced lunch.

Despite the challenges of poverty and language, there is great joy in learning at Rainier View.  While formerly a failing school, Rainier View has undergone a transformation in the form of a building remodel, new leadership and new staffing.  Current academic results are solid.

Part of the transformation has been to cultivate the love and practice of reading in students, both in school and out of school.  We want to create a literature-rich environment for the children to build their vocabularies, their imaginations, their reading "muscles" and their critical thinking skills.  These will certainly not only enrich the enjoyment of life now, but pave the way to their success in the future.

I am a teacher there and the children would be utterly delighted to receive books that they can keep and love as their own. Thank you for your consideration.


Respectfully submitted,

Elaine Dondoyano