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Taylor Mountain Elementary School - CA

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We are district wide title I. We have about 90% plus sociology-economically disadvantaged (free & reduced lunch etc) and about 70% second language learners. Last year there were 540 students enrolled in TK-6th grade at Taylor Mountain.

The school is 7 years old (the newest of the schools in our district) and although enrollment is bursting at the seams, the library is barely half full with reading books.

I started working for the school district a year ago and had heard the library at Taylor Mountain was only half full (It's a new school, just not enough resources to purchase books for the library). I was shocked at the lack of actual books.

We have a lot of amazing families, but many do not have the resources to provide their children with many reading options or time to go to the public library. A well stocked library will provide additional support to our students and families.

 I recognize we are moving more and more into the digital realm, but I love books and reading and actually having a book in your hand is an experience unto itself.
Thank you for helping our students!

Moriah Hart
Executive Assistant to the Superintendent of Bellevue Union School District.

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