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Gaithersburg Elementary - MD

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We are a title 1 school in one of the wealthiest counties in the country. Our students are primarily ESOL students, living in poverty.

We have many students who enter pre- K and K without understanding how to look at a book. We have initiated a huge undertaking for the students to read independently on their reading level. The students are expected to try new genres, and to read 30 min in school everyday.

The third- fifth graders are expected to read 40 books on their level this year while kindergarten-second grades are expected to read 160 books on their level.

The students are taking this challenge and running with it. We have seen the students become engaged in their reading and using their reading strategies in everything they read. Teachers are expected to have 300 books in their classroom libraries.

While we are doing it, we want the students to have endless books at home to read, too. This donation program would be an excellent addition to our challenge.

Please consider Gaithersburg Elementary for this program.

Tiffany Patterson
5th Grade Teacher
Gaithersburg Elementary