Help Center - Can I see my past transactions?

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There is a list of all your past transactions (completed, canceled, lost and Problem) in your Transaction Archive.  Each transaction there has a button to contact the other member involved in the swap, and a button which has more information about the transaction. 

Your active transactions do not appear in the Transaction Archive. They appear in My Account, in the Books I Requested, Books to be Mailed, Books I've Mailed or  En Route to Me sub-tabs: click My Account in the toolbar at the top of the site, and scroll down if necessary to see these tabs.

You can also see your account credit and PBS Money activity (with Transaction Details) in your Credit Registry, Money Registry and Free Swaps Registry, linked from the top of your My Account page.

To get to your Transaction Archive:

  • From anywhere on the site: Place your cursor over My Account and click Transactions Archive in the menu that drops down.
  • From My Account: click the My Account tab, and click the link "Transaction Archive" in the yellow bar at the top of the page.

Symbols on the Transactions Archive:

green checkmarkCompleted Successfully (sender received credit)

red XCanceled (no credit granted to sender) or Wrong Book Received (sender received credit)

place your cursor over the image to see if a specific transaction is Canceled or a Wrong Book, and to see who canceled: sender or requestor.

Received with a Problem: Damaged by Sender or Damaged by USPS or Requestor Conditions Violation  (sender received credit)

place your cursor over the specific image to know what kind of problem was recorded.

question mark Lost in mail (no credit granted to sender unless PBS DC was used)

Using the Transaction Archive:

  • Sorting:
    • You can sort by All Requests (default view), Books Requested by Me, or Books Requested From Me.
    • You can choose one type of transaction to view: All, Successfully Completed, Canceled by Sender, etc.
    • You can sort by title, author, date requested or date received, and choose ascending or descending
      • ascending title (or author) means requests displayed by book title (or author), A -> Z; descending means Z -> A.
      • ascending date means requests are displayed by date (requested or received), earlier to later; descending means later to earlier.
    • Click after you have made your sorting choices to see the list as you have specified.
  • Click the Request Details link on any transaction to see:
    • Dates: requested, printed, mailed, etc.  DC #'s will appear here also
    • Dialogue about the transaction:  
      • Messages sent and received between sender/requestor about this transaction will appear here.
      • You can send a message from this area; it will be sent as a PM, and will also appear here
      • Messages can be replied to from within Request Details, OR from Personal Messages
      • Each time a new message about a transaction is sent, a notification auto-email will be sent.