Help Center - What is a 'Free Swap'?

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A "Free Swap" can be used along with Book Credit(s) to make a book request.

It replaces the 49-cent Swap Fee.

Enrollment in Standard Annual Membership grants Unlimited "Free Swaps" for the year - meaning, Standard Members use only Book credits to request books, and do not ever pay Swap Fees for Book Requests.

Limited Annual Membership comes with 30 "Free Swaps" per year- meaning, Limited Members can make 30 requests for books per year using only Book Credits (and no swap fees).

"Free Swaps" are added to your account when

  • You enroll in Limited Annual Membership (that adds 30 Free Swaps/year)

  • You enroll in Standard Annual Membership (that makes your Free Swaps unlimited for the year)

  • You mail a shipment with Printable Postage. Please note that the "courtesy printing" (monthly for Standard Membership, quarterly for Limited Membership) does NOT grant a Free Swap, since there is no Postage Printing Fee associated with that mailing.