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Introduced August 2008.

The Suggest feature allows you to send a PM to a Friend suggesting a book he or she might want to read, right from the book listing.

  • The PM will contain the book cover image, and also an Order This Book button!
  • If your Friend clicks Order This Book right from the PM, this will order the book right from you (if the book is on your bookshelf).  Clicking "Order This Book" anywhere BUT this PM (or your bookshelf or the Suggested Books list in My Account> My Lists) will not necessarily direct the request to you.
  • There is no need to respond to a Suggest PM right away!  Books that have been suggested to you will be listed under My Lists in My Account, and they can be requested from there.  They can also be removed from there by clicking "Not Interested".

The Suggest-a-Book feature is accessible only to members enrolled in Annual Membership.

To suggest a book:

  • Go to the Book Details page for the book by clicking the book title on the listing for the book wherever it appears on the site.
  • Choose Suggest This Book from the menu that drops down under More Options on the top right of the listing
  • Choose the Friend to Suggest to.
  • The book does NOT have to be one on your own bookshelf.
    • If the book IS on your own bookshelf, and the Friend requests it from the Suggest PM you send, the request will go directly to you.
  • You can suggest a book to each person only once for each book.
  • You cannot "Blast" suggestions to multiple Friends--you can suggest to one Friend at a time.
    • This is so that members don't abuse this feature.  Suggestions are supposed to be used for real suggestions, not to advertise your bookshelf.
    • For the same reason, once you have suggested a book to a Friend, you cannot suggest the same book to that Friend again.

When you get a suggestion:

  • This will appear in your Personal Message Center, accessible from your My Account page
  • Click the title of the PM to read it. 
  • The PM will show you the book image and ISBN, and also who Suggested it.  There will be an Order This Book button on the right of the PM--clicking this will request the book.  If the book is currently on the Suggester's bookshelf when you click Order This Book on the PM, the request will go directly to him or her!
  • There is no need to respond right away; you can delete the PM and Review the Books Suggested to Me from My Account > My Lists
  • The Books Suggested to Me page will show all book suggestions you have gotten, who suggested each book, and will also have an Order button and a Not interested button.
    • Clicking the Not Interested button will remove the book from the list permanently.
  • You can click the book title to go to the Book Details page, but if you want to direct your request to the Friend who suggested it, you must go BACK to the suggestion to click "Order this Book" there.
    • If you click the Order This Book button on the Book Details page, this will not necessarily direct the request to the Suggesting Friend.
    • If someone else has already requested the book from your Friend, your request will be submitted according to FIFO order, to the member who has the earliest-Posted copy of this book on his or her bookshelf.