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Inviting people to PaperBackSwap can earn you money, and also give your invitees a discount on Annual Membership!

Visit the Invite Friends page to get started - you can send emails and/or Share on Facebook from that page.

When an invited friend completes (free) registration and lists 10 books to share, you'll earn a Book Credit to get a book for yourself.

When your friend enrolls in Annual Membership, you'll get money!:  $5 in PBS Money (or $4 cash) for Standard Membership, or $2 PBS Money (or $1 cash) if he or she chooses Limited Membership. (Note: Accounts at your own household won't earn the Book Credit, but can earn you money!) You can invite as many people as you like.

Your invited friend will benefit too! Using your Invite link to sign up means they'll get Standard Membership for 17 dollars (regularly $20) and Limited Membership for 11 dollars (regularly $12).

You can also use linked email sigs and linked icons/banners on a webpage or blog, or print and distribute bookmarks or flyers - find these on the Spread the Word page.

You can track your referrals from the bottom of the Invite Friends page.

  • Your Book Credit reward will be granted automatically when the eligible* referred member has completed registration and Posted 10 books.

  • Your money (cash or PBS Money) reward will become available to claim 2 weeks after a referral is complete.

  • When you click to claim the reward from the Invite Friends page, you'll be offered a choice of $4 cash or $5 in PBS Money ($2 cash or $1 PBS Money if the referral has chosen Limited Membership). Cash will be mailed to you; if you choose PBS Money instead of cash, you'll get your reward right away!

You can access the Invite Friends page from the Invite Friends item in the menu under Community at the top of any page on the site, and from the Invite Friends link at the bottom of any page.  

* to be eligible to grant referral Book Credit, the referred account must be registered in compliance with our Terms of Use and must be the first account for his/her household.

Note: Money/Cash rewards are not retroactive. To be eligible to grant $ reward, the invited (referred) account must be registered on or after 1:30 PM ET, November 17, 2015.