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Your account information (email address, shipping address, PBS Profile, Forum Settings, Newsletter settings, email settings, Requestor Conditions, wrapper Settings) can all be changed in your Account Settings.

You cannot change your email address or mailing address at PBS until you have received 2 books.   If you need to change your information before receiving 2 books, just contact us and provide your current information; we can make this change for you.  Please contact us to make this change BEFORE submitting a book request with the old address on it.

 To access your Account Settings:

  • From anywhere on the site:
    • Place your cursor over My Account in the toolbar at the top of the site
    • Choose Settings from the menu that drops down.
  • From My Account:
    • Click the Settings tab (far right) on the My Account page.

Be sure to click underneath the information you have entered to apply your changes.

If you change your address WHILE you already have active requests:

  • The active requests will have the old mailing address attached to them.

    • Changing your account address afterward will not change the address that was attached to any already-requested books. 
    • There is a "Change TO address" button (see below) on a pending request which can let a requestor change the address on a request, but this is available only until the sender has accessed the address from the request.
  • You will need to click on each of the active requests, to change the old address (already attached to that request)  to the new one.

    • You can only do this BEFORE the sender has printed the address to send the book.
    • If a  request has already been printed or mailed, you do not have the option to change the address attached to that request.  In this case, you should contact your previous PO and make arrangements to have the book(s) forwarded.  Media mail does not include forwarding service, so these redirected packages may arrive with postage due.
    • The requestor is responsible for providing a working, dependable address to senders.
      • When you confirm the address during the process of requesting a book, you are confirming that that address is a current, reliable, working address at which you can receive packages.
      • If a book is returned to the sender through your failure to provide/update the address on a request and the sender appeals to us, we will Review the circumstances. The credit may be deducted from your account and given to the sender if it is determined that the book was returned because of your (not USPS's) error.
      • If you use auto-request on your Wish List and don't keep your mailing address updated, a book can be auto-requested to your old address.
        • If this happens, you should try to intervene before the book is mailed (contact the sender using the PM button on the transaction).
        • If the book has already been mailed to your old address, you should contact your former PO as soon as possible to try to arrange for the package to be diverted to your current address.
        • Since Media Mail is not forwarded, if you are able to arrange for the book to come to you at your current mailing address, it may arrive postage-due, and you should pay that postage.
        • Whether or not you are able to arrange for the book to come to you at your current address, you do need to give credit for the book, since it was mailed in good faith to the address you provided. (Requestors are responsible for keeping their mailing address updated, as stipulated in the Terms of Use.)

We know that no one intends to make this mistake! We hope that this information helps you to prevent requesting a book to go to the wrong place.

  • If your address has changed, update your address in your account settings NOW. Click the button below to go to your account settings and make the change:


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