Book Review of The Indy Man (Janet Dailey Americana)

The Indy Man (Janet Dailey Americana)
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About the seres...a romantic tour of America through fifty favorite Harlequin Presents, each set ina diffrent state researched by Janet and her husband, Bill. A journey of a lifetime in one cherished collection.

about the specific book...Who did she really love? Until now Susan had taken her engagement to Warren Sullivan seriously. He was handsome, rich and in love wih her.

Perhaps things were a little humdrum between them. But not until that insufferable Mitch Branden came along did doubts enter her mind. Certainly there were none of the sparks that shimmered between her and Mitch--even though his attitude infuriated her. "I haven't time to play fair." he warned.

The sooner Mitch took off again the better! But... did she really want him to go?