Book Review of Forbidden Shores

Forbidden Shores
Forbidden Shores
Author: Jane Lockwood
Genre: Romance
Book Type: Paperback
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I found this book in the romance section, it was labeled a historical romance, and the back cover description made it sound as if the plot was about the woman, Clarissa, choosing between the two men who love her. Well, Allen loves her and seems like a nice enough guy, but she leaves him and decides she loves March, a man who lives a life completely against her values. Except March actually loves Allen, and Allen doesn't like men but has threesomes with the two of them just to be in bed with Clarissa who he still loves. There is no real happy ending for anyone in this story, nothing believable about the relationships. It's an erotic novel but it's definitley *not* a romance. If you like really steamy, erotic books about a *real* romantic relationship between the hero/heroine this definitley is NOT the book for you. I'd try something like Caine's Reckoning which I think it by Sarah McCarty.