Book Review of The Samurai's Wife (Sano Ichiro, Bk 5)

The Samurai's Wife (Sano Ichiro, Bk 5)
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This detective/mystery series is set in the 17th century. THE SAMURAI'S WIFE is fifth in the series. The plot deals with Sano (most honorable investigator detective) on a mission to unmask a murderer who possesses the secret of "kiai," a power scream that can kill instantly. Sano is assisted by his beautiful wife Reiko. The historical details and descriptions of day to day life are wonderful, but the author has created a bond between Sano and Reiko that is far too western to be authentic and implausible for the period. I also found the solution to the mystery to be very obvious and the characters are predictable. Still, this was a fast and fun read! It felt more like a "fantasy" novel rather than a historical mystery because of the abundant use of magic in the story.