Book Review of The Story Vine

The Story Vine
The Story Vine
Author: Pellowski
Genre: Children's Books
Book Type: Paperback
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My rating is based on the assumption that the reader of this book would be interested in story telling from various cultures. String stories, etc. are quite different from say, Utah Phillips storytelling.
The string of a given story is constructed so as to recall key phrases to the teller and this book tells how to do this. "In order to tell string stories, one has to study carefully the typical patterns and their names in each culture and then try to re-create the tales imaginatively from the bits and pieces recorded by ethnographers, folklorists, and string figure hobbyists. Also, one must practice them enough so that the telling is accompanied by smoothly executed patterns that look utterly simple to do, but often are not!"
There are also details on how to construct and tell stories using a thumb piano, cat's cradle, chalk drawings, etc.
Bibliography divided into musical instrument stories, indexes and collections of stories, and several books on various aspects of the subject such as inspiration and handbooks.