Book Review of Burning Lamp (Arcane Society, Bk 8) (Dreamlight, Bk 2)

Burning Lamp (Arcane Society, Bk 8) (Dreamlight, Bk 2)
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I was lucky to get a copy out of the library and read this book well before I would have gotten it through my wish list posting. This is the second in the series and goes back to the same time period as her other "Regency" Arcane books and even has some of the same characters both minor and major from other novels. I liked the continuity. Another Winters is facing becoming a cerebus and he and Adelaine Pyne the heroine figure out how to use the lamp and leave notes for future descendants facing the same problem. The mystery is interesting and has tie ins to other novels in the Arcane series both in this time period and the contemporary novels in terms of plot as well as charactors. I don't want to spoil the plot but I really enjoyed it and read it in one day.