Book Review of Unwind (Unwind, Bk 1)

Unwind (Unwind, Bk 1)
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Often mentioned in connection to abortion, Unwind features a fascinating and morally complex dystopia that comes alive through its three central characters. As a compromise to end the second American civil war over reproductive rights, teenagers between 13 and 18 years of age can be "unwound" by parental choice and their organs transplanted into other individuals. So reconfigured, life does not really end, but tell that to Conner, whose parents found his behavior too troubling; Risa, a Ward of the state; and Lev, a human tithe raised to be unwound. As their unwindings draw near, an action-packed adventure starts when their paths collide. Although classified as a Young Adult novel, Neal Shusterman raises some very profound, adult philosophical questions in this book beyond pro-life vs. pro-choice. One can relate to the characters who develop as the action-pack plot progresses, and one gets the sense that things are happening offscreen as well. This was a YA book that kept my attention and interested me in its sequels.