Book Review of The Wedding (Lairds' Fiancees, Bk 2)

The Wedding (Lairds' Fiancees, Bk 2)
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In THE WEDDING, Julie Garwood returns to medieval Scotland, the setting of her classic romance The Bride, to gift readers with an utterly delightful, charming and heart-warming adventure of passion and intrigue with that special Julie Garwood touch of humor and the magic of love.

The day his father dies, Highland laird Connor MacAlister vows to see their enemy, the MacNare, in Hell.

At the age of five, Lady Brenna decides to choose a husband for herself and she picks Connor MacAlister, the warrior who lifts her out of the dirt and smiles into her grimy face. She proposes three times and many years later Connor comes to claim her as his bride and use her as a pawn in his revenge against MacNare.

When she is surrounded by fierce, painted Highlanders, Brenna shows no fear, but in truth she has almost forgotten her childhood infatuation with Connor and is resigned to a marriage planned by her father to MacNare.

Once Brenna realizes Connor means to make her his wife, the fragile, yet feisty Brenna takes charge. She endears herself to his clansmen, and with her guileless, yet courageous nature, wins everyone's respect and love, except that of Connor's stepmother.

Connor and Brenna build a powerful and sensual relationship, and eventually love grows between them, but the hatred of the past arises when a rival sets out to destroy the MacAlisters and a traitor in their midst catches Brenna in a web of danger.