Book Review of The Charade (Sonnet Books)

The Charade (Sonnet Books)
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Katie Armstrong was an indentured servant who ran away from her master and is living as a thief on the streets of Boston. Caught stealing by Viscount Lowden, she is blackmailed into spying for him or she will be sent to jail. Katie must uncover the true identity of a Patriot known as John Smith. But when she tracks down John Smith, he threatens to send her back to her master unless she helps him spy against the British. Ethan Harding is using his connections to the British aristocracy to learn the troop movements. Using the false identity of John Smith, he then passes on his information to Paul Revere and his friends. He knows Katie can help him dig up information that will be useful to his cause, but can he trust her?

It's so nice to read a historical romance that isn't set in Regency England. This book takes place at the very beginning of the American Revolution. The British Army occupies Boston and the residents certainly aren't happy about it. Katie is being blackmailed by both sides of the conflict and is playing both men against each other. Of course, it's no surprise which side she eventually ends up on. My rating: 3.5 Stars.