Book Review of The Year of Yes

The Year of Yes
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I didnt like this enough to finish it. The author is a smart dramatic writing student, whose writing was full of pretentious references to dramatic Plays, authors and artists, some classic but many that I had never heard of. So I found I was missing out the the references that seemed important to her writing. So start with some high brown ultra intelligent, college references, and add in that she dates a guy who wants her bite his penis. WTF is that? NOT even funny. Her dates were really sick people, I mean one date and a man wants to make her his fifth wife, and she goes off to his apt just to see how crazy he really is? I just couldnt be insulted anymore, by her I am smarter than you attitude and writing, but I will date only the stupidest weirdest men in NY. Go read something else and do feel bad that you dont know all these obscure playwrights or author she keeps referring to, just to show you how well read she is. Hey, she finds true love, just skip to the back.