Book Review of Sticks & Scones (Goldy Schulz Catering, Bk 10)

Sticks & Scones (Goldy Schulz Catering, Bk 10)
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For Colorado caterer Goldy's Schulz, accepting a series of bookings at Hyde Castle is a dream come true. It's not every day that she gets to cook authenic Elizabethan fare- especially at a real castle that was brought over from England and reassembled stone by stone in Aspen Meadow. Goldy is determined that everything will go right which is why, she figures later everything went terribly wrong.

It begins when a shotgun blast shatters her window. Then Goldy discovers a body lying in a nearby creek, And when shots ring out for the second time that day, someone Goldy loves is in the line of fire. Suddenly the last thing Goldy wants to thin about is Shakespeares Steak Pie, 911 Chocolate Emergency Cookies, or Damson in distress plum tart. Could one of her husband's Tom's police investigations have triggered a murder?Or was her violent recently paroled ex responsible? With death peering around every corner, Goldy needs to cook up some crime solving solutions before the only dish that's left on her menu is murder