Book Review of Truly, Madly Viking (Viking II, Bk 2)

Truly, Madly Viking (Viking II, Bk 2)
Truly, Madly Viking (Viking II, Bk 2)
Author: Sandra Hill
Genre: Romance
Book Type: Mass Market Paperback
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Helpful Score: 2

What do you get when you combine a mind-reading whale, a perfectly sane Viking warrior, a trip through time, and a modern day lady psychiatrist? Another keeper from Sandra Hill, of course!
Jorund Ericsson was on a quest to locate his missing brother when Thora, the mind-reading whale, found a way not only to communicate with Jorund but also a way to deliver him naked as the day he was born to the year 2000.
Claiming to be a Viking warrior, Jorund finds himself in a psychiatric hospital among the oddest assortment of lackwits he'd ever seen - and under the care of Dr. Maggie McBride. Now, in addition to his quest to locate his missing brother, Jorund must prove his sanity, contend with his growing attraction to Maggie, and get back to his own time where he belongs. But is his destiny in the year 998 AD or in Maggie McBride's 21st century arms?
de hilarious adventure with fabulously crafted characters and a story that is as fast paced and unforgettable as it is engaging. Sandra Hill has a gift for writing keepers!