Book Review of As You Are

As You Are
As You Are
Author: Sarah M. Eden
Book Type: Paperback
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Wonderful, wonderful! I was half afraid this would be a christian romance because that's not my sort of thing, and I'm so happy it wasn't. This regency story was so good I was hooked from the first pages all the way through to the end. Corbin was the strong yet silent type of hero and painfully shy. Clara was an abused woman in hiding with her children. Watching Corbin struggle to get noticed by Clara was equally painful and endearing. I was cheering for him all the way. Clara endured abuse most of her life and her distrust of men was ingrained. Yet by the time she finally turns to Corbin when she needs rescuing, her utter trust in him is gratifying and moving. I usually prefer very sensual romances, and although this story was as chaste as a cloistered nun, I simply didn't care. The storytelling trumped all else. Highly recommended at 4.5 stars.