Book Review of Mommywood

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Helpful Score: 10

i liked this even more than sTORI telling... I like her more and more the more i read about her and her lovely family... I really like her parenting style and her children are beutiful... She has a big heart and has a big sense of humor... She tells laugh out loud funny stories of things that have happned to her that most celebs im sure would be embarrased about and rather keep a secret... The thing i like the most about her is that she is who she is like it or not take it or leave it and she's unapologetic about it... I can see how her personality might rub some people the wrong way (especially her issues with her mom) but hey she's being honest and i cant say there is anything wrong with that.... I flew through this one...definitly real cute----some real cute pics of her little ones are in there too.... and OMIGOD are her kids CUTE!!