Book Review of Compromises

Author: Joan Hohl
Genre: Romance
Book Type: Paperback
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Frisco Styer was a business woman who was very good at her job. She was speechless when her father told her that he had mismanaged the family business to the brink of bankruptcy. She coldn't let her mother know cause she knew her mother would not take it well. She will do absolutely anything to save the company, including stopping Lucas MacCanna who tried to takeover the company.

Lucas was a cold ruthless businessman who only love to win. Until he met beautiful Frisco, that he decided to mix business and desire into one. He offered her a partnership in business only if Frisco will be her lovers. Frisco turned the offer around by gave Lucas another offer, it will be a marriage and then they will become partners in business. When Lucas accepted it, she just realized that she probably did a great mistake. Frisco was fallen ahead in love with Lucas but the man was seem so far to reach. After all, the man married her only for the business and pleasure in bed. Was Frisco dare enough to took all the risk in order to obtain Lucas love, but realizing she could also lost him by doing just that?

Although the book was enjoyable, it was not the best of Joan Hohl. The plot was too clich and lots of absurdity. Example, how can a father thrown his own daughter who he loved so much into a marriage just to save his own hide? But all in all, this book is still readable. The characters were strong, it also include secondary characters that was quite intriguing.