Book Review of Guarded Secrets: Nowhere Man / Hijacked Bride

Guarded Secrets: Nowhere Man / Hijacked Bride
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Nowhere Man by Rebecca York
Psychologist Kathryn Kelley accepted an assignment at a top secret government facility to "socialize" Hunter, a convict whose memory had been wiped out.
Kathryn soon realized Hunter wasn't a criminal but who was he? What was really going on at these labs? Kathryn and Hunter could only trust each other, and finding the answers could be deadly.

Hijacked Bride by B.J. Daniels
Jack Donovan had loved Angie Grant. Now Angie was dead, her body never found. Jack was determined to prove that Angie's husband Jack's business partner had murdered her. But then Jack began catching glimpses of Angiein a crowd, a taxi. Was Angie still alive? And if not, who was this other woman?