Book Review of Dark Desire (Carpathians (Dark), Bk 2)

Dark Desire (Carpathians (Dark), Bk 2)
Dark Desire (Carpathians (Dark), Bk 2)
Author: Christine Feehan
Genre: Romance
Book Type: Mass Market Paperback
reviewed This 2nd book in her Dark series is as over-the-top as the 1st. on + 39 more book reviews

My favorite genre is romance, and keep that in mind when I say that Christine Feehan overdoes the sex scenes. I love a well-written sex scene just as much as the next fan, but honestly, after the first few, I skim over them when I see them coming. She weaves an intriguing plot, and that's what keeps me going. I like the characters, for the most part. I wish her females would be a little quicker to embrace the Carpathian way. They are so strong in so many other ways (or at least she tries to make them out to be), you would think they would be strong and smart enough to adapt a little quicker to feeding. I hope she writes one about a female who shocks them all by adapting much quicker.

I bought the first 4 books in this series before reading any of them, and i'll at least finish these 4. After that, we'll see if I continue with the series.

And I truly get tired of romance books about little, tiny, petite women. How about a tall, beautiful Amazon woman??