Book Review of Here I Stay

Here I Stay
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This is the story of a woman and her younger brother inheriting a house from a great aunt ... yes, a haunted house. There are just enough spooky things in this story to satisfy those who like a little bit of ghostliness in their books -- not a lot of ghostly stuff though. This book was very well written. Ms. Michaels described her characters so well you come to care about them. One flaw to this book is that the main character is not a very nice person, she's downright nasty most of the time -- sarcastic. She was not a sympathetic character at all. You come away from this character thinking she is a complete jerk. The characters around her are wonderful "people" and they are often hurt by her sarcastic words. No she absolutely has no redeeming qualities. Also, there is a surprise ending that I found very disappointing. That all said, I gave this book a 4 because it was well written and held my attention until the very end