Book Review of Our Game

Our Game
Our Game
Author: John LeCarre
Book Type: Paperback
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Another tautly written, well-researched spy novel from LeCarre. The Cold War is over. The

Russians are our friends. Consequently, spy handler Tim "Timbo" Cranmer and his specially

groomed double agent, Larry Pettifer, are put out to pasture. Tim, a somewhat stolid and

unimaginative civil-servant type, has removed himself and his much younger mistress, Emma,

to his late uncle's vineyard in Somerset, while the idealistic Larry is uncomfortably

ensconced as a professor at Bath University. Then Larry and Emma disappear. They have

apparently run off together. They have also apparently relieved the Russians of more than 30

million pounds. The British police, guessing at Tim's previous occupation, and the Russians,

knowing it, suspect Tim's active participation in, or at least knowledge of, the scheme. All

parties concerned attempt to force him to reveal the whereabouts of the fugitives, which he

honestly does not know. He does, however, still possess some of the skills of his former

profession, and in a suspenseful journey through England, France, and finally Russia, he

tracks down his friends while eluding his followers. In the process, readers learn much

about the dissident Russian regions and some pre-and post-Stalinist history. An engrossing,

exciting spy story.