Book Review of The Final Storm (Door Within, Bk 3)

The Final Storm (Door Within, Bk 3)
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Paragor is more powerful than ever before, in the Realm as well as on Earth. He has the Wyrm Lord, the Seven Sleepers and legions of vicious shadow warriors to obey his every vile whim. It wont be long till he unleashes the final storm on an unprepared Alleble. But even worse is that King Eliam seems to have abandoned them all.

Just when I thought fantasy couldnt get any better than The Door Within book two, Mr. Batson gives us the next and last book, The Final Storm. No question about it, this has to be the absolute best fantasy Ive ever read.

Name any aspect of the story you want, only one word comes to my mind. Perfect. Needless to say, Ill be eagerly awaiting Mr. Batsons next masterpiece.