Book Review of Falling for Prince Federico (Silhouette Romance, No 1732)

Falling for Prince Federico (Silhouette Romance, No 1732)
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Prince Perfect...
Prince Federico diTalora of San Rimini was all too aware of his dreaded nickname. But when he met his sister-in-law's friend, Pia Renati, the widowed father became aware of other things. And that would never do. He had his duty, not to mention his reputation, to think about...

Finds His Princess
Though Pia was in the country to serve as a de facto midwife to her best friend, the prince with the Mediterranean good looks -- and the unimpeachable reputation -- soon had another proposition to her: be nanny to his children. But once ensconced in the palace, Pia found her princely employer incited in her a very improper longing to shake up "his royal perfectness" and stake her claim...on his heart?