Book Review of Aiden's Charity (Breeds, Bk 12)

Aiden's Charity (Breeds, Bk 12)
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I been wanting to read this and Jacobs story the most and I was not disappointed, Adien loved Charity since the first time he saw her in the labs, she saved him from himself on the last time there were together. Six years later Aiden has to save Charity from the labs but he still has his hatred to her but once he sees her weak and dying his hatred dissolves and he must get his mate to safety and get healed back up. Charity it so full of drugs that the labs put into her she is in constant pain and scared to let Aiden touch her to sooth her pains. Charity worked in the labs long ago she still analyze everything thing that is happening to her and with Aiden from the heat to the fluids to every little detail she wants to analyze for Hope and Faith's heat and help the breeds find away to conceive and also she wants to help find a way to be able to let others touch with out the pain and sick feelings. We also get to see our first look into a Coyote Breed Del-Rey and his Anya but he doesn't know what is wrong with Anya so he kidnapped Charity and the Wolf Breed's doc Nicki to tell him what is wrong and when he finds out, well read is book and see what he has to deal with. But Charity and Aiden are fighting each other a lot about what is true mating and what is drug induced.