Book Review of The Beloved Land (Song of Acadia, Bk 5)

The Beloved Land (Song of Acadia, Bk 5)
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this is book 5 in a series.backpage writes this...The tragic Acadian saga recounted in the Meeting Place,when British drove the french from Nova Scotia,has followed two families over a score of years to the birth pangs of a new nation.The song of Acadia has been a story full of pahos but also hope.Faith in God and family eventually have brought the Henri Robichauds to Louisiana and ,finally to a life of tranquility among the bayous.Back in Nova Scotia,the Andrew Harrows have been beacons of light among both the British and the French communities.But the American Revolution has created turmoil on two continents,dividing nations,people,and sometimes even families.Anne in England and Nicole in New World have little hope of seeing one another again in the foreseeable future.Then a letter finds its way to both sisters with the news that sends them on a frantic and harrowing journey to...The Beloved Land.