Book Review of Temperature's Rising

Temperature's Rising
Temperature's Rising
Author: Karen Kelley
Genre: Romance
Book Type: Mass Market Paperback
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The cover is the best part of this book. Overall I would say this was an ok read. It's nothing special. It's pretty forgettable. The story could have been much more. The character development is missing. The author goes on forever about how the hero and heroine don't want to be attracted to each other. We get it. It's an old plot device. But make me care. Make me see they really belong together. I didn't think the hero should have been allowed to verbally put down the heroine as often as he did. She's supposed to be strong and independent, but there were many scenes where I felt she lacked any assertive skills. The opening chapter is pretty funny. I'll say that much, but there wasn't much else I found interesting. I would not buy this book. Get it from a swap on this site or from the library.