Book Review of Brain Droppings

Brain Droppings
Brain Droppings
Author: George Carlin
Genre: Humor & Entertainment
Book Type: Paperback
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I don't like most of Carlin's humor, so it's not surprising I didn't really like this book. The only reason I read it is because I read a different book by him, and it had some really good parts. (Interspersed in not so good). This one had a couple decent parts stuck in a lot of boring repetitive paragraphs. I think his humor is inversely related to the number of swear words he throws in the joke--he can be very funny, but usually he's just boringly crude and 'kill'm all'. That's not funny to me the first time, and definitely not as repetitively as it is in the book.

There are a couple sections which are funny. His discussions on names, for example, and the comparison between baseball & football. Also, the monologue on stuff starts out really really good (but goes on a bit too long). The book as a whole, however, was not worth the time to read. Those parts were not good enough to justify the waste of time on the rest.