Book Review of Dogs and Goddesses

Dogs and Goddesses
Dogs and Goddesses
Author: Lani Diane Rich, Anne Stuart, Jennifer Crusie
Genre: Romance
Book Type: Mass Market Paperback
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Helpful Score: 11

I'll read anything Jennifer Crusie writes. Most of her novels multiple times, but this, like most of the other books she's written in collaboration, once is enough.

I laugh out loud at regular intervals with her solo books, but I realized as I was finishing this that I only laughed out loud once in this book. At almost 400 pages, I think it's too long. The story is just not tight enough and there are places where it drags. Ms. Crusie has said it takes her 2 years to write a solo book. I'm willing to wait. In fact, I'd rather wait and add a re-reader to my shelves that get a once-is-enough book.