Book Review of Storm Front (Dresden Files, Bk 1)

Storm Front  (Dresden Files, Bk 1)
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I truly enjoyed this book! I'd heard great things from a friend, and had seen the SCIFI TV series, but was unsure of how the reading would go; turns out I couldn't put it down! I truly enjoyed the book, and perhaps my perception is a little biased based on my finding enjoyment out of the TV series, but I highly recommend trying this series to anyone who enjoys supernatural or wizardry novels. (It may not be a "forgotten realms" series, but I believe readers of those type novels would enjoy this as well.) I really enjoyed it and plan to read the rest of the very long series, but I truly believe if you are at all interested in the book by its description or what you've heard about it, you WILL enjoy it! It keeps moving and blends all the humor, intrigue, adventure, la la together. It does of course require telling the reader the universe, but I never noticed any "information dumps" or lost any understanding or enjoyment as Butcher very cleverly kept the story moving and didn't leave the readers behind or waiting. Conclusion: Wonderful read. Highly recommended. Truly enjoyable.