Book Review of Reap the Wind (Wind Dancer, Bk 3)

Reap the Wind (Wind Dancer, Bk 3)
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Reap the Wind is aboutCaitlin Vasaro, a woman who has always had a love for the Wind Dancer, an antique statue shaped like a Pegasus which many believe to possess mystical powers. The statue has been passed down in the Andreas family for many generations and the myths surrounding the statue include stories of untold power for anyone in possession of it.

Caitlin to has return to oversee and run the family flower farm in Italy and has produced a perfume that will "rock the world". She always seems to be one step ahead of the bank mortgage and worries about them repossessing her family farm, Vasaro, which is depicted as Utopia.

Then an opportunity comes in the form of Alex Karazov, a wealthy businessman, ex-CIA/KGB man, who makes her a business proposition she can't refuse. He's willing to put up his money to market her perfume, thus paying off the mortgage on Vasaro. She enters the deal, knowing there is more to it than she is being told.

Most people can see where this story is going. Yes, Caitlin and Alex begin a mad, passionate love affair (and some of those scenes in the book are very steamy and not for those that blush at the mere mention of sex). But the surprise is the mystery that comes along with the romance. It seems others of a more evil nature are planning to steal the Wind Dancer while on loan for the perfume advertising campaign.