Book Review of The Dragon King's Palace (Sano Ichiro, Bk 8)

The Dragon King's Palace (Sano Ichiro, Bk 8)
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As always, Laura Joh Rowland captures the imagination of the reader with her ability to provide the tiniest details of fuedal Japan that gives the reader a glimpse of historical Court life. Her research is phenomenal. As usual Sano Ichiro is in a life or death situation at the whim of a weak ruler who sees enemies everywhere. Sano as court investigator must not only solve a mystery in the capital, he must also find the kidnapped mother of the Shogun himself, as well as his own wife, Reiko, who was kidnapped as well. Rowland gives not only a detailed investigation by Sano and his second in command, but as usual provides the reader with a view of how Sano's capable wife uses her own intelligence to try to remove the kidnapped women from the hands of a mad man.

Good read!